Collective Haul // November 2017

The last haul (hurrah!) of the year! November was FILLED with sales - almost too many sales for that matter. Was it just me, or were black friday and cyber monday absolutely crazy this year? It felt like every single shop and online store was having a sale, it was quite frankly overwhelming! Buuut that didn't stop me from doing some damage haha. My bank account definitely took a battering and yet I still haven't even finished my Christmas shopping. Oops. Onto the haul!

I didn't go too crazy with the Mecca holiday releases! While there were some amazing sets, I really didn't feel like I needed any of them...except for these of course!

Obviously I had to get one of the Stila sets! I originally had my eye on the 3 Glitter & Glow one but when I went into Mecca on release day, it had already sold out! So, I settled (or rather..splurged on) for the 6 set. This contains three Shimmer & Glow shadows (Kitten, Grace and Twig) which is a new formula set to be released in Spring next year. It's very much just a metallic liquid shadow with high shine but no glitter. It also contains three of the original Glitter & Glow shadows (Peachy Sheen, Smoldering Satin and Next to Notte). Peachy Sheen is a limited edition, exclusive shade, while Smoldering Satin is permanent. Next to Notte is permanent in the US but hasn't yet made its way to Aus. The value of this set is pretty good ($66 for 13.5mL of product in total - a full size is $35 for 4.5mL), plus you get to try six different shades. Besides, I don't know about you guys but I know I'll never go through a full size!

I was mming and aaahing over whether or not to get this but I ended up caving! Though I definitely didn't need another highlighter and red lipstick... These are dinky little sets that come in a few different colours. I opted for Hot Sand/Rita because I really wanted to try Hot Sand! KathleenLights has raved endlessly about it! I also have wanted to try the Audacious Lipstick formula for the longest time! I'm not a huge red lip wearer but Rita is such a gorgeous, slightly warm-toned red. These are tiny but I believe are still good value (retails for $35).

Smashbox arguably have the best value holiday sets ever. The one in particular that was hard to resist contained two full size eyeshadow palettes and a travel sized highlighter palette for just over the cost of one eyeshadow palette. Like whaaaat, that's practically free makeup?! (almost lmao). This brush set was no exception - it contains five full sized brushes (Foundation brush, Full Coverage Shadow brush, Contour Shadow brush, Multitasking Detail brush and Fan brush) for $57. Their brushes average between $30 - $60 so it's a dang good deal. The only difference really is that these have slightly lesser quality handles (but they're arty and cute so eh). The set also comes with a brush roll which is really handy! I'm mainly excited for the fan brush because Katy (Lustrelux) loves it for highlighting, and I've heard amazing things in general about Smashbox brushes!

Some of my Priceline buys. Most of these I bought in the 50% off sale!

Unfortunately paid full price for this (I think these were all sold out in the sale anyway) but I think it was worth it! I've been wanting to try the Glitter Primer for ages, and thought eh why not get it in a set! The three glitters in here are really pretty and I definitely think I'll get use out of them!

Essence Soft Contouring Lip Liners
I bought all eight (EIGHT!) shades of these in the 50% off sale because they came to a mere $1 each! What a steal! In case you guys didn't know, Essence's old lip liners were my absolute favourite so I was gutted when they discontinued them. I'm really happy with the shade range of the new ones - quite trendy, but I've tried one of them once and from first impressions, they're drier than the old ones :( They're certainly still good, but not the same! :(

Decided to pick this up on a whim - it was only like $2 in the sale. It's a really lovely deep purple-taupe shade. Really like it and it applied so smoothly!

I've heard so many good things about this primer so I had to pick it up in the sale! I've used it once and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I'll have to update y'all...!

This was my order from Colourpop's 20% off sale from earlier in November. I kinda regret it since they had 30% off storewide for Cyber Monday lmao. I did actually make an order from Black Friday weekend - I got the All I See is Magic palette and Puppy Love shadow. I'll be sure to do a post on everything once it arrives! Seriously though, Colourpop need to chill out on the sale and new releases front, it's exhausting! That being said...I really want the new KathleenLights palette lmao.

I wasn't planning on getting this but it was sooo pretty (and got a great review from Temptalia!). I needed to get something to make up the cart for free shipping, so I thought why not - it's LE! The packaging is adorable and the highlighter itself is gorgeous. It's like a peachy-gold (of which I already have hundreds), but it's sheeny and shiny, but not glittery!

Another Kathleen collab product that I'm pretty late on! I'm not sure why it took me so long to get this because it's right up my alley! Just a classic peachy-nude-brown shade.

I knew I had to pick up one of these new shadows because they looked extremely similar to the Stila ones! I can confirm that they feel very similar on (kind of a cooling sensation) but the Colourpop isn't as glittery as the Stila ones. Still very pretty (and great for the price!) but ultimately I think I prefer Stila's.

I FINALLY caved and bought their bestselling palette. For months I was telling myself I didn't need it because I have "a million warm eyeshadow palettes" (which I do...). Something about this kept calling to me though and the fact that it's so compact, small and perfect for travel (though I never do) appealed to me. Plus...I don't have a yellow shade like that?! Anyway, it's so small and handy so... worth it! The formula is amazing too - very pigmented and quite blendable, but can be a bit powdery and kick-up-y. 

I was lucky enough to win the entire Ulta3 Signature Essentials by Elyse Knowles collection through their competition on Instagram! The collection is absolutely stunning (love the rose gold packaging) but the products look great too. I'm particularly into the Essentials Brush Edit and Liquid Gold Eyeliner. The prize also included two gorgeous pairs of earrings from Emeldo. They are so beautiful and really helping fill out my kitschy earring collection (it's becoming an obsession...)!

Lastly I have a few skin/body products that I've been sent.

If you saw my Instagram post - I was very kindly gifted some products from Skin Juice through their Gift Bar service, which allows you to customise a selection of products for someone, and have it shipped directly to their door in a gorgeous gift box! I picked the Pulp Detox* and Berry Fresh* cleansers, the Citrus Juice* mattifying moisturiser and the Vanilla + Honey Mask* is a free gift for purchases over $120. I love the packaging of these, and so far, so good! I will do a full review of these though!

This little mini set of Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Milk and Shower Gel would make an amazing little Christmas gift, and is perfect for any little holidays planned over Christmas-time. I've yet to try any of these products, but I'm a big fan of their hair mask and moisturising shower gel, so I'm excited!

*Products gifted for consideration

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