My Watch Collection + a Giveaway!

As someone who used to never wear a watch (and could barely read the time on an analog face... :P ), I now can't go a day without wearing one! Along with knowing the time without having to whip my phone out, I love how a watch can complete an outfit and in general makes me look more chic and gives the illusion that I'm a punctual person ;). I don't have a huge collection, but I have three quite different styles that go with different outfits and occasions!

This is the latest addition to my collection which I was very luckily gifted! Jord watches use a wide range of sustainable wooden materials and high quality movements to create some very unique watches.  I chose the Cassia but they have a huge range of luxury watches for both men and women. The Walnut & Vintage Rose colour way is completely up my alley - it's composed of a warm wood, and complementing rose gold metal accents and a rose gold face. The size of the face is large (which I like) but not too overbearing for my small wrist, and goes well with the thin strap. I think this watch looks so chic and dainty, but the wooden aspect definitely gives it a casual feel. I must make mention of how these watches come packaged as well - they come in an incredible wooden box that feels so luxe! They also come with a preserving oil and cloth so you can take care of the wood. The way these are packaged alone would make them such an incredible gift!

Jord has also kindly organised a giveaway for my blog which is a $100 voucher that can be used on any of their amazing watches! The giveaway ends on the 10th of December and is open to everyone. To enter, simply fill in your details here. The winner will be chosen and contacted by Jord. They've also provided me with the code b137448g (unaffiliated) that will get you guys 25% off and free sizing!

This watch was the first real watch I ever bought (and not some el cheapo from Kmart or Lovisa) and it's the one I typically wear everyday. Although The Horse have come out with many different styles since, I still think The Original is my favourite! It's classic and minimal, but still makes a statement with its huge face, clean lines and thick strap. Speaking of the huge face, it's large but again not overbearing on my skinny wrist. I've had this for a couple of years now, and it still works perfectly! The only thing that hasn't held up so well is the leather strap which looks very worn at this point haha. The colour has definitely faded to more of a mushroom grey than an outright blush pink, and some of the colour has chipped off a bit. Not crazy noticeable and it just looks well loved haha. That being said, I haven't necessarily taken care of the leather haha... The good thing is that you can purchase their straps separately so if the actual watch is still working, you can replace the strap (or just get a different colour!). I also want to mention that the 'rose gold' on this one is more of a coppery gold than a true pinky rose gold haha. The Horse will always have a soft spot for me - I love supporting Australian brands and would for sure repurchase if this one ever carks it haha!

Kmart Mesh Watch - Rose Gold Look
And to finish it up with a cheapie! I don't think this one with the black face is still available (I bought it on clearance for a mere $8) but you can still get the white one. Now, Kmart watches obviously aren't the best quality but they are dirt cheap and they actually have some cool watches - perfect for if you want to try different styles. For me though, I wear a cheap watch to work (lots of stacking shelves and stock, etc) because I have accidentally banged it against a stray hook or shelf on occasion and I don't want to accidentally chip or scratch the glass of my more expensive watches! Like I said, the quality is questionable - I previously had a watch that looked cheekily similar to The Horse The Original and the "leather" was almost cardboard feeling, and it started losing time after about a year. To be honest though - that's pretty good for how cheap they are and it serves its purpose (telling the time obvs) and actually looks pretty nice! This particular mesh one actually looks really good - to me the mesh makes it look more expensive (I'd be curious to know if you thought this was expensive or not just from the pictures!). It does have a more lightweight feel but is sturdy enough!

There we have my minimal watch collection, but I love how each watch is very different to each other! I'd love to know your favourite watch brands because I can definitely see my collection growing...

*Product gifted for consideration.
Wooden Wristwatch

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