Haul // Estee Lauder Corporate Store #3

Talk about a throwback post if there ever was one! It's been a looooong time since my last Estee Lauder Corporate Store haul (2+ years actually) - not that I ever went there often but going to the corporate store actually reminded me of my early blogging days funnily enough! My mum actually got a membership thing through her work which means she can go whenever she wants, and I was able to sign up too so now I can go whenever too?! That could be dangerous... If you guys are unfamiliar with it, the Estee Lauder Corporate Store is where they sell any excess or limited edition Estee Lauder owned brands' products at a discounted price. You can usually go by invitation only, but I'm not completely sure on the rules! Even though I can now go whenever, I doubt I'll go a lot because I don't believe they get new stock that often! Also, randomly, since watching Beauty News's video about how old their makeup is, I was paranoid that this stuff would be super old (since it's excess stock), but I actually checked and everything was made last year so still pretty new!

Saw this and had to pick it up! I've gone through a whole tub of it and it's probably my favourite balm cleanser! Gets absolutely everything off and doesn't leave any residue on the skin. The one I'm currently using by 16 Brand is very similar and a lot cheaper, and I can't really think of any reason why the Clinique one is better buuuut it was $33 as opposed to $55 so I thought I'd grab it while I could!

MAC Prep+Prime Fix+
I must be the last beauty junkie to get their hands on the iconic Fix+! Despite its cult status, I've actually never had a huge desire to try this, mostly because I thought it was just glorified water. But! There must be some reason why it has managed to remain popular for so long - literally since I first got into makeup to now, it's still a staple product for so many beauty influencers I watch! I'm sceptical it will be a miracle product for me, mostly because I have combo/oily skin so I don't need any help looking dewy and glowy, but I thought I would try it out at the discounted price ($19 down from $32)! If I don't love it as a finishing spray, I can always use it to wet my eyeshadows!

The main reason we went along was because they were actually having 15% extra off makeup! Yay!

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in Beige
I totally wasn't expecting to pick this up (not like I was expecting to buy any of this hahah) but it's generally pretty hit or miss when it comes to foundations at the corporate store. Since it's usually excess stock, they typically have limited shade ranges, and usually the shades that don't sell well. I tried matching myself to a few ranges they had but none suited me, except this one! I'm pretty chuffed with the shade match, it's not perfect but it's pretty good! I really didn't need a new foundation - especially not another light-medium natural satin finish one (which this is), but those are my favourite kinds and I'd heard so many good things about this one! I've one it once now and it was really nice! Not sure it's going to be the longest lasting, but I'll keep you guys updated! I snagged it for $36 which is half the full price!

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Give Me Sun!
I didn't necessarily need a new bronzer, but considering I just finished one (go me for actually finishing a makeup product!), I figured I could treat myself with a one in one out jobbie. There were a few that caught my eye, but as soon as I saw this guy I was like yup! Into my basket you go! I've seen a few people rave about this bronzer before, but Desi Perkins in particular loves it, and I love her! It's really soft and has good pigmentation to it. The colour is really nice too - very much a warm yellow tone without being too orange. Scored this one for $26 down from $52!

MAC Powder Blush in Melba
Omg! I've literally been wanting this blush for years. YEARS I tell you! If you remember, back in the day Melba used to be everyone's fave and it was always a blush that I would've liked to have in my collection, and now I finally do! While it's definitely not the most unique in my collection, it's such a pretty peachy-nude shade that I know I'll get a tonne of use out of! The formula is really lovely as well! This one was $21 down from $41.

So yeah, I didn't go too crazy, but with the corporate store being kind of like a lucky dip, you never know what you might end up walking out with! I'm really chuffed with all my purchases though, and I'm glad I'm finally trying some cult products!

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