Monthly Favourites // March 2018

Halllloo guys! I hope you've all had a wonderful long Easter weekend! I for one probably relaxed a little bit too much considering I have so many assignments that need doing! Monthly favourites time has rolled around again, and I actually couldn't think of many things to talk about! But, then I remembered all the skincare I haven't yet mentioned on the blog that I've been really liking over the past couple of months! So let's dive in!

Skin Juice Citrus Juice*
This is the day cream I've been using for a good while and I really like it! It claims to be oil controlling, but I wouldn't really say it is. It's just a lightweight moisturiser that I find suits my oily/combo skin really well. While it doesn't control oil, it absorbs quickly, sits really well on my skin under makeup, and doesn't make my skin any oilier than it already is! All while being really moisturising! 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
And this is the night cream I've been using! I'm not super fussy about my night creams, but I tend to like ones that are really moisturising whilst not being heavy. This one fits the bill perfectly! It has a very lightweight consistency, almost gel-like and it really does sink into the skin easily. It definitely feels hydrating, as well as moisturising if that makes sense! Feels like a big drink for my skin :)

REN Vita Mineral Lip Balm
I recently finished up my last lip balm so I pulled this one out of my stores. I think I got this mini from a flight once? I wasn't expecting much from it but it's actually really nice! It has almost a siliconey consistency in that it's not super thick, oily or glossy on the lips, but it really does feel very repairing and nourishing!

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue in Ginger and Cover FX Custom Cover Drops in G30
I've been absolutely loving these two bases mixed together! It gives me a good light-medium coverage base with the skin like finish of the Complexion Rescue, while the drops add extra coverage and a bit more lasting power. I've also been liking applying it with my fingers shockingly enough! I've been watching a lot of Allana Davison videos and she always just slaps on her foundation with her fingers and I thought I'd give it a go (though I probably wouldn't with traditional, fuller coverage foundations haha). This base combo blends in really easily with fingers, and the process is so much quicker than faffing around with a brush!

Bourjois Ombre Smoky Shadow and Liner in Black*
I'm really not much of a pencil eyeliner person - it's a product I've never gotten into using because they tend to smudge on me and they've never made much of an impact on my eyes (mainly due to my wonky eyelids and the fact that my lash line disappears under my eyelid lmao). But! I may have finally discovered what all the fuss is about! I've been enjoying scribbling this pencil - which is creamy, well pigmented and doesn't smudge or disappear throughout the day, although sometimes it can transfer to my upper lid - along my lash line, and slightly winging it out at the end (just a tiny wing!). I then use the smudger on the other side to make it look a li'l blurry and also to disguise the fact that it's probably a bit messy. It just gives my eyes extra definition and makes my eyelashes look thicker, and is a lot quicker and easier to do than I originally thought!

Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream St. Palette
To be fair, I've still been really loving my Double Entendre palette, but this one's been getting a workout too! I've kept it neutral a lot of the time, using the top rose golds a lot which are very pretty. I have dipped into colour a bit too though! I used the shimmery teal for the first time (with the warm browns in the crease) and it looked really pretty. The bright pinky red shade is also gorgeous and a bit different from your typical warm red/orange shades. It's a really great palette though with a few different options to keep it natural or go really bold. The formula is good, though a little hit and miss. The mattes are generally really nice, but the shimmers tend to need a finger application! Review on this (and my other new Colourpop goods) is coming soon I promise! I finally managed to take photos today haha.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T  >>

*Products gifted for consideration

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