Dolly Wink

 Today I have a couple of items from the Japanese makeup brand Dolly Wink to share. I picked up their eyebrow powder and also their liquid eyeliner.

 I have the eyebrow powder in the shade 03 Dark Chocolate which is the darkest available. It comes with two different coloured powders; a dark, ashy brown and a light, almost creamy brown. The brown is also cool-toned so it suits people with black hair.

 The purpose of the two shades is to mix and match your perfect brow colour. I initially thought I wouldn't use the light one at all but I have been mixing it with a bit of the darker one and filling in the front of my brows with that and the tail-end of my brows with the darker powder alone. I find this creates a much more natural effect with definition without is being too dark or stark.

 The kit also comes with a brush. The brush is a bit too fat so it doesn't provide thin, hair like strokes but it does the job of filling in the brows. 

Darker shade, lighter shade
 The powders have a nice dry texture and are not too pigmented which is good because it makes it easy not to overdo your brows. I find that their lasting power is okay, even when topped with a clear gel (in my case the essence clear gel mascara), by the end of the day I find the colour has completely faded.

The Dolly Wink eyeliner in Black has a nice thin tip which is super precise and the very end of the tip is also nice and flexible making it very easy to draw lines. Because the tip is thinner at the top and fatter at the bottom, you can get both a thin or thick line.

However, because it is so precise, it will show every shake in your hand so you must have a steady hand whilst applying your eyeliner! The colour is super pigmented and black so you don't have to draw over and over your eye to get decent pay off. It lasts all day and is waterproof. 

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