Jon Balm Jovi

Today I have quite an exciting product to share! This is the first high-end purchase I've ever made! It is the Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette by The Balm. This has been raved about by many including emilynoel83. I have been dying to try out some of The Balm's products so when I saw this in David Jones reduced from $44.95 to $31.46, I decided I had to get it, especially since it is limited edition and for a $101 value, that's pretty good!

This Face palette contains; 12 Eyeshadows, 1 Highlighter, 1 Blush and 2 lip/cheek colours.

The packaging is cardboard casing like most of the Balm's products and although it is thin it is very sturdy. The palette is extremely compact and I expect perfect for travel! It also includes an adorable heart-shaped mirror.

Now onto the Eyeshadows...

The Heavy Metal column contains eyeshadows with either a metallic, glittery or frost finish. The Classical shadows are all matte. The Alternative column has mostly shimmery shades. All shadows are soft, buttery and pigmented, even the mattes which is a finish infamous for being chalky and patchy. The formula of these shadows is excellent! I also really like the variety of colours and finishes available; neutrals, deeper shades, mattes and shimmers!

Alice Copper, Lead Zeppelin, Iron Maid-in, Metal-ica, Presto, Moderato
Alice Copper is a frosty copper-maroon shade
Lead Zeppelin is an olive green with gold glitter/shimmer particles
Iron Maid-in is a frosty gold with a champagne undertone
Metal-ica is a frosty silvery white
Presto is a matte cool-toned dark brown
Moderato is a matte deep purple

Allegro, Adagio, Third Eye Blinded, rem, The Stroke, Blink 1982
Allegro is a matte yellow based medium brown
Adagio is a matte pinky cream
Third Eye Blinded is a light pink champagne shade with shimmer
rem is a violet with a heavy golden shimmer
The Stroke is a dark blackened navy blue with lighter blue shimmer
Blink 1982 is a taupey-beige-purple with gold shimmer

The Disco Disco Solid Gold Luminizer is basically a mini size of their highlighter Mary-Lou Manizer. It is a soft gold with a champagne-beige undertone and is great for all skin tones as it is not too yellow or cool-toned. 
The Pop Pop Don't You Want Me? blush is also a mini size of one of The Balm's blushes - Frat Boy. It is a very pretty peachy-pink shade with a matte finish. It has great pigmentation and is easily blended.
The Lip and Cheek colours are Milly and Vanilly. Milly is a nudey pink and Vanilly is a classic, blue-based red. Both are quite opaque and last well on the lips. Vanilly does stain the lips a bit after wear.

Solid Gold, Don't You Want Me?, Milly, Vanilly
The palette even contains a little 'billboard' chart outlining look ideas.

Overall, I love this palette! I love that the company put a lot of effort into the packaging and names of the products to go with the theme of the palette. It was also considerate of them to have a separate flap for the cream products, powder and cream mixing can get pretty messy! The Balm is available at David Jones and if you can get your hands on it before it's gone, especially because it is currently on sale, I highly recommend it!


  1. rem is probably my favourite shade from this palette, and Lead Zeppelin looks great as well :)

    1. I love rem! It just such a sweet, light colour but also so complex because of the gold shimmer!