NOTD // Sprinkles & Frosting

So I think by now you guys know how much I adore Sportsgirl nail polishes, it's been well documented on this here blog. They're trendy, have unique finishes and effects, are pretty cheap, they're pretty good quality and often go on clearance (that's when I stock up ;) ). The shade I have to share today is Pink Icing. It's another one of those milky glitters that I love, but is fairly unique in my collection.

As you can see, this shade is a very peppy, cheerful pink. It consists of a bubblegum type pale-yet-bright pink creme with a variety of matte glitters submerged throughout. They are green, blue and hot pink and are of varying sizes. The effect is almost like some sort of jawbreaker/gobstopper candy or something, or icing with sprinkles. Sweet nonetheless. It definitely reminds me of some of the first Indie polishes with matte glitter throughout. The formula was actually really nice, was very easy to apply and only took two coats for opacity. The glitters were a bit sparse throughout the polish and took a little more effort to find and apply, but I still adore the effect. As always with glittery polishes, I topped with top coat and used my trusty Essence Peel Off base coat for easy removal. It lasted pretty averagely on my nails - 3/4 days before chipping.

I think this nail polish is absolutely adorable and I totally loved the effect it gave my nails. Have you tried any nail polishes similar to this?

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