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Hey guys! Today I have another skincare product from Sanctuary Spa to review. It is the Brightening Facial Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser and is from the same 'line' as the Brightening Exfoliator that I reviewed last month. I picked this up after reading decent reviews, and it being one of the few hot cloth cleansers on the drugstore market here. The only other hot cloth cleanser I've tried is the Fab Pore one from Soap & Glory which I did really enjoy, so we'll see how this one measured up.

Packaging wise, it comes in a standard white tube with  screw top lid. It's practical and minimalistic, I really like the silver on white writing.

If you're unaware of what a hot cloth cleanser is, it is essentially a thicker cream cleanser that you work into dry/damp skin and massage/wipe off with a hot, damp face cloth. The Sanctuary Spa cleanser comes with a Muslin cloth, but it's nothing special. I prefer to use a thicker face cloth. The texture of this particular cleanser is pretty similar to that of the Soap & Glory, creamy and thick, but not actually that dense. Once you spread and work it into the skin, it tends to thin out quite a bit, especially the wetter your skin is. It also does have a scent, I can't really pin point it but it's almost tea like? Slightly floral and herbally, but slightly spa-like at the same time. It's not overly offensive, but I'm not the hugest fan of it.

Because the cleanser tends to thin out, I don't find it that moisturising or especially effective at removing my makeup. I double cleanse with this to get all of my makeup off and that tends to be sufficient. It leaves my face feeling slightly dry, not tight, but definitely not as soft or moisturised as the Soap & Glory one did. To be honest, my face doesn't feel great after using this cleanser. You know the feeling, when you just can't wait to slap on a moisturiser. Yup, that. As for the "brightening" effect, I definitely don't notice that it does anything to brighten my skin in any way, or give me a 'glow' at all.

My skin has been in pretty good condition since using this cleanser for the past 5 ish months, but I'd more so attribute that to other skincare products I'm using. I don't believe this cleanser has done anything special for me, it's not terrible, I mean it cleanses my skin decently and I'll finish the tube, but I definitely won't be repurchasing. I've definitely become accustomed to cleansers that leave my skin feeling soft, at the very least, and in the case of Lush's Ultrabland, super moisturised.

The Sanctuary Spa Brightening Facial Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser retails for AUD$19.95 at Priceline.

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