Sandy Peach

We're probably all sick of the chubby lip crayon thing by now, pretty much every single brand has a range out. While I haven't succumbed to that many, there was one that I desperately wanted from the first time I saw it online - Bourjois Colour Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Peach on the Beach. It took a little while to get to Australia, but the real issue was it being perpetually out of stock at every Priceline I went to. It was only at the beginning of this year that I FINALLY got my hands on it - at full price too - so I thought, it better be worth the wait.

And boy, it was. First things first (~I'm the realest~) though, the packaging. Pretty standard for any chubby lip crayon, twist up, the outer colour matches the inner, although - it has that silver writing that tends to rub off pretty quickly.

The formula is definitely rather unique, in my opinion. I've heard it as being described as a gloss in crayon form, which I'd have to agree with. It lives up to its name and is quite glossy - not overly so, but it gives a nice shine, and no stickiness at all. It's very emollient and melty, after just one use the side of my nub had worn down quite a bit. Also, if too much is applied it can tend to build and gather - you know when you rub your lips together and it creases a bit? Yup, so it's best to go lightly with it, or blot slightly. You don't need overly much though as it's pretty decently pigmented. It's very comfortable on the lips and is pretty moisturising I'd say. The lasting power is okay, definitely not 10 hours, though Bourjois always tends to overestimate their products' wear time. The glossiness wears down pretty soon after application, but the colour hangs around for another few hours or so, even staining the lips. It requires reapplication after eating though, you tend to be left with the ring where the middle has worn off.

Peach on the Beach sure is a stunner of a shade. It's basically like an almost neon peachy-pink (but still super wearable, and not overly bold or bright), ma faaave. Once the products settles a bit on the lips, and after the gloss has worn down, the colour transforms a bit into a slightly deeper, bright warm pink-peach, there isn't that much variation though. The stain left is even slightly darker again.

So overall, I'm a fan. The shade is super amazing and totally up my street, the formula is really nice and the lasting power is pretty dece for such a glossy product. It retails for AUD$15 at Priceline. This was a slightly seasonally inappropriate review, but hey I don't conform to seasonal rules (plus it's still quite warm and sunny here!), but I will be getting a ton more use out of it once Spring/Summer rolls around again!

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