Monthly Favourites // October 2014

With just two months left of the year, before you know it we'll be getting used to saying "2015". How weird. It's actually unreal how quickly this year has past, but being my final year of high school, it's definitely been a memorable one for me! Omg, I'm talking like the year's already over. Staaaahp. Onto the favourites though, I don't have many since I've been getting back into the school-daily-makeup groove. There are a few new and notables though!

Look a' me, clawing into dat scrubby.

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub
Bebs, I would love you just for your smell. But no, there's so much more to you than that. Being the first body scrub I'd ever properly used, you could say it was a bit life-changing. I've been using this pretty much three times a week since I got it and it really helps slough away all that naayysty (it's hard to convey accent over text) dead skin. It's just the right grittiness to be sufficiently scrubby for the body, but not too rough. Also it's got shea butter and a few other moisturising ingredients that leave my skin feeling oh so smooth and soft. 

This is just one of my staple products that I use all the dang time. What you see in the photo is pretty much all I have left! It's a really basic product, but one that is perfect for everyday (for me). It's quite a moisturising lip balm with the tiniest hint of peachy-orange. I've just been using it a lot this month, and it goes particularly well with my next product.

Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera
Yes, I know I only just hauled this, but for the almost two weeks I've had it, I've used it everyday. The colour is just such a pretty, lifting peachy-pink that isn't too cray, and really quite natural. Perfect for Spring if I do say so myself. This stuff is pigmented too - so you only need the slightest dab. Leaves a pretty, fresh, dewy cheek and lasts really well!

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in Dark Beige
I've been trying to resist using this because I want to finish my Australis powder but goddamn, it's so nice. Firstly, it's a really great shade match, and secondly the formula is spot on. The raves be real dawg. It's soft, "finely milled", sets and gives a matte finish without giving a matte finish. Y'all knaw m sayn. 

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab
I actually got this little pot sample a week before my formal when I went in to get shade matched, and although I haven't really used it, from the times I've worn it (three FYI) I've been so impressed. It just makes me want it even more gosh darn. It's definitely nothing like the name suggests. It has a medium-full coverage and a satin finish. It can cling to dry spots if you aren't careful in application, but it's gorgeous and it lasts amazingly

ALSO, I have some exciting news guys! I got a job...at PRICELINE! What is life. Priceline is pretty much my dream job, not even lying. I'm just a casual, and technically I haven't had a real shift yet (only a trial) but it's reaaaal exciting. I hope I'll be working lots during the xmas holidays! Also, it's my first job and holy I'm so awkward, like, how to talk to people??? Haha, I got the hang of it by the end of my trial though! But yeah basically, Imma be spending my earnings straight away with dat 25% discount...

(For foreigners, Priceline is pretty much the drugstore here where you can buy all the drugstore brands!)

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