Rimmel: Pencilled In

Remember when Priceline had their 40% off cosmetics sale earlier this year? This was all I bought! Talk about restraint, hey?! ;) Then again... I haven't exactly been restrained in my purchases for May (haul coming soon!)... Anyway, I've been meaning to pick up both of these products for a while, so I figured I might as well buy them in the sale. Both from Rimmel, they are the Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Eastend Snob and the Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in In the Nude.

L-R: East End Snob, In the Nude

Both of these pencils are packaged in automatic, twist up packaging (yay - no sharpening!), which I assume is common with the Exaggerate line. I appreciate that the outer packaging is the same colour as the product inside - always handy when you have a crap load of makeup! The Waterproof Eye Definer happens to come with a smudger and tiny sharpener on the end - though, I don't really bother with those when it comes to a nude colour such as In the Nude.

Rimmel lip liners tend to get quite a bit of love in the beauty community! There has been a lot of hype around this particular shade of late though and, what with my blossoming lip liner love, I decided I needed it in my life. In terms of lip liners, I'm very much accustomed to the uber creamy, pigmented offerings from Essence and I have to say, the Exaggerate lip liner is quite different. It's very matte, as you can tell in my lip swatch, so prepped lips and lip balm are needed. I definitely find the formula to be a dry one, it's still pigmented, but it just doesn't glide or smooth onto the lips as creamily as the Essence ones. In saying that, I definitely find the the formula adheres and lasts better on the lips! I appreciate the matte finish and lasting power, but I think I prefer the Essence ones for their creaminess and their non-drying quality. Eastend Snob is often touted as a "dupe" for Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, though I have heard many people voice their doubts on that front. This Rimmel offering is a lighter pinky-mauve shade which has slightly cooler undertones. The yellow tones of my skin really bring out the bluer tones of the lip liner but I find the the mauvey-ness keeps it wearable and flattering for me (also, let's just ignore that I'm not wearing foundation in the pic! #lazy). This shade pairs well under a multitude of lip colours from pinks to mauves and nudes.

I've been meaning to get my hands on a nude eyeliner for the longest time, but just never got around to it! I'm not sure when Rimmel brought this Exaggerate eye liner range out (or maybe just this shade?), but it was news to me because I thought they only had a nude in the Scandaleyes range. Regardless, I much prefer the twist up packaging because I hate sharpening, and with a nude shade in the waterline, you don't really need the pencil to be sharp. The formula of this pencil is creamy, yet pretty matte. Similar to the lip liner actually, but it has a bit more thickness to it! It's pigmented and transfers well to the waterline, but it doesn't completely cover in just one swipe. The formula is supposedly waterproof, and while it does set to a degree, it doesn't last the whole day in my waterline. I haven't tried it anywhere else on the eyes so I don't really know about smudging, etc. In the Nude is a pretty pale, creamy nude but definitely not too pale or stark. It's on the yellow side too, and for my depth of skin, this works pretty well at concealing redness in the waterline and brightening the eyes. I'm not exactly sure how it would go on really pale or deep people!

I'm pretty happy with both of these pencils! I'm reaching for the nude liner more and more for my tired eye days, and Eastend Snob is a great addition to my growing lip liner collection! They are certainly great products coming from the drugstore!

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