So Apparently I Like Nude Lipstick Now?

BACK AT IT. Sorry for the momentary lapse in post/s last Thursday. Uni assessment has finally caught up with my procrastinatory ways! It pains me to have missed a post (for the first time EVER), but I've got to get my priorities straight! I can't promise that the schedule will be back 100%, but I'll try and have a post up at least once a week. Anyway - onto today's post: my sudden affection for nude lipsticks?! If you remember back in the early days, I was all about dem bold lips. I rarely wore nude shades, considering that most of the ones I tried clashed terribly with my skintone and made me look dead. Well, quite recently I've been reaching for nudey/neutral shades more and more because I've found some that actually suit me! Let's get into them, shall we?

THE MLBBS (aka my lips but better-s)

This was probably the first 'nude' lipstick that I got into (just have a read of the introduction of that review, I really bash the nudes) and it made me realise what sort of nudes suit me. Warm toned ones FYI, with peachy or browny undertones. This one is definitely the most brown in my collection, it very much looks caramel as the name suggests. I love the formula of this - it's sheer, but not too glossy and applies really well.

Similar in depth to the Clarins lipstick, this one is definitely more on the mauve side of things. It's more pigmented, but still retains a slight translucency and thin texture. It sits super well on the lips with a very natural finish. It's quite close to my natural lip shade, but a bit darker so it gives them some definition! Certainly living up to that MLBB status!


Although a step paler than the MLBBs, Eva's Nude is still super wearable because of those peachy undertones! I just find the warm tones really complement my skin tone, and the fact that it's a bit of a non-colour colour, it really goes with everything. The formula is lovely as well, creamy but thin. It does have a slight frost to it, but it's barely detectable and just adds a bit of shine!

Well with a name like that, it BETTER BE DAMN PERFECTION. Haha I kid, I must say though, it comes pretty close! This is actually one of the deeper nudes in my collection and coupled with that browny-mauve undertone, I'm really getting the Kylizzle vibez (c'mon, you know who I'm talking about). These pencils have such an amazing, creamy and pigmented formulation. The finish is matte but not too matte, and I don't find them to be incredibly drying. This shade is really flattering, and definitely goes with a multitude of looks.


Now, this shade was a bit of a case of "looks great in the tube, looks great swatched, looks a bit crap on the lips". It's a pale pinky-peach, which, with my yellowy skin just clashes and can look quite chalky. An unfortunate event but, that is why it's categorised in the NOODY NOODZ (pale nudes for those who don't understand my jibber jabber). If the rest of the makeup is more intense, this looks a bit better OR a nude lip liner underneath helps add a bit of depth and definition! The formula is on the sheer side so it layers well.

THE PINNACLE, PEOPLE. The very first pale nude that was actually flattering on!! It was an inexplicable epiphany. Though pale, Complex is very much a peachy shade which is surprisingly amazing on my skin. It's pigmented, but the matte finish can often accentuate dryness (especially with a shade this pale) so do go in with prepped lips! I can get away with this on more natural makeup days, but it really compliments heavier eye makeup well!

L-R: Clarins Nude Caramel, Bite Beauty Pepper, L'oreal Eva's Nude, Topshop Alibi, Maybelline Nude Perfection, Revlon Complex

Swatched sliiightly in the wrong order (sorry), but you get the gist, plus, you know, I've labelled 'em. So yes, my eyes have been opened to the wonders of a nude lip. Now let's be real though, I still ain't going for those ghost pale pinky-nudes - NO WAY IN HECK. Peaches, browns and mauves though? Consider me sold! I just love how the majority of these shades have the versatility to work with basically any makeup look - natural to smokey. 

What are your favourite nude lipsticks?