Collective Haul // May 2015

I think it's fair to say that May has been a DOOZY spending-wise. A few excuses reasons for this: 1) it was my birthday month! #treatyoself was in full swing, I got some birthday money and gift vouchers - so I was fully justified in my spending ;), 2) some of these were gifts and giveaway wins and 3) My last proper collective haul was back in January! :O But I have been spending in between...check my instagram for some insta hauls. Oops. But after this I'm going on a bit of a semi-official beauty spending ban! I need to start saving up for my trip to the US next year (I'll be doing some major spending over there, no doubt, no doubt) and I've decided I want to re-do my makeup storage! I'm moving into my sister's old room since she's moved out and it's bigger than my current room, and so I've been getting really into homewares :P Dats gonna be my uni break project! And I'm excited. Anyway - buckle up kids, it's a long one!

Eyeshadows! For some reason this month, I was feeling the eyeshadows, which is actually quite unusual for me!

Say whaaaaa?! Yeah das right, I bought the Chocolate Bar palette! This was a semi impulse purchase, but not really because I've been wanting it for ages! I was in Mecca spending a gift voucher from a couple of my lovely friends, and I was just staring at this palette like..."I reeeeally want it". My friend (the enabler she is) was just like "you'll buy it eventually, so just get it now", and BAM into ma basket it went. Maybe it should be a tradition that I get a new big eyeshadow palette for my birthday? Last year it was the Naked 3, and this year, this novelty chocolate bar of eyeshadow goodness. The shades are so buttery and pigmented and I am already in luuuurve.

If you didn't see over on my Instagram, I did a bit of ColourPop haulage! My sister contributed to my haul for my birthday, but I also bought a lot myself - plus shipping costs a CHUNK. These were the only eyeshadows I picked up but I am super happy with the shades! It comes with a few basic matte shades (Glow and Cornelious) which I appreciate, but I must say the formula of the matte shades isn't as good as the shimmery ones - but they're still great shadows! KathleenLights is definitely my favourite shade. It has the smoothest, most creamy formula and an intense coppery-bronze shine. Blaze is a metallic bronzy, almost green shade that has a bit of sparkle through it. I'll talk more about the texture in my review post, but so far I like the formula but lasting power could be better!

Australis Metallix Eyeshadows in Gold Gaga, Plum Diddy and Jay Zed
These are the new cream shadows from Australis which are actually re-released from one of their earlier limited edition collections! They've made them permanent, plus added three new shades. I actually picked up the original three, just because they appealed to me most! They retail for $8.95 each, but with my Sister club payback voucher and $5 bday voucher, I ended up getting all three for around $5! Score! The formula has sort of a gel-cream consistency with a tonne of metallic glittery awesomeness. They're super pigmented and intense, but again, don't have the best lasting power. I'll definitely do a full review!

Can I get a holy wow?! This is primarily what I spent my $40 Mecca gift voucher on, but as soon as I saw it was released here, I knew I had to have it! You guys know I love the formula of the Stila CCs and just look at all those gorgeous shades! This was a Sephora exlusive and limited edition in the states, and it's limited edition here as well according to the Mecca website. I bought it at $68, but unfortunately Mecca have just recently raised some of their prices so it now costs $72 :( You get 12 shades and each pan has 1g so economically it's cheaper per gram than the full sizes. So far I'm loving it though, and it's also fun to mix the shades!

I actually won a $100 RY.com voucher from Dani over at Kaboom Cosmetics (thank you so much!) and I spent it pretty much as soon as I got it haha! I decided to pick up some Becca bits because they're pretty hard to find. I dislike that Becca has become Sephora exclusive (in terms of instore access) and that it's more expensive to buy in Australia than the US, where is your patriotism Becca?!? Besides the point though...I've always wanted to try these shimmer souffles since I first saw them on Temptalia. They just look so gorgeous! I still haven't tried or even swatched it since I'm yet to take individual photos haha, I'm so excited to though!

I've always wanted to try this cult product from Becca but I could never justify buying such a huge bottle of illuminator! I was so excited to see that RY stocked this mini set because I thought it was LE from Christmas time but I guess not! It comes with Opal, Pearl and Champagne Gold which is exclusive to this set. Each contains 5mL of product and the set cost $36, so it's not the greatest value for money compared to the full size, but I could never finish one of the big bottles! So far I've only tried Opal and it gives an absolutely stunning natural luminosity!

I made my ColourPop order pretty much the day the highlighters released just so I could get my hands on one! It has a similar formula to the shimmery eyeshadows and Lunch Money is such a pretty pale, champagne gold shade that gives a beautiful glow and a teensy bit of sparkle!

Of course I had to get one of their blushes! The formula is, again, similar to the eyeshadows but the matte finish ones. It's a bit drier in texture and I find it applies super well with the Real Techniques Multi-Task brush! It looks really natural and melds with the skin. Bonus is such a warming peachy-orange which is actually quite unique in my collection!

ColourPop Lippie Stix in Frida, Cake and Grind
The range of Lippie Stix is huge and I watched sooo many swatch videos but eventually narrowed down to these shades. Frida is a more natural nude-pink-peach-brown shade with a satin finish. Another satin is Cake which is a super bright, almost pastel peachy-pink that looks a little garish on me, but I couldn't resist! Grind is an intense matte, straight up Barney purple! It reminds me a lot of MAC Heroine actually! Formulas are all super pigmented and actually really long lasting (especially Grind).

ColourPop Lippie Pencils in Lumiere and Fancy
I actually didn't buy any corresponding lip liners haha (counter intuitive much) but I really wanted to try Lumiere and thought I would get the liner version so I could wear it with other lipsticks. Created by Kathleen Lights, it's a browny mauve type of shade - Kylie Jenner-esque. I bought Fancy because I actually don't see peach pink lipliners that often?! It's a couple shades darker than Cake so I thought it would make it more wearable - which it does! Yay!

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Rose
The last bit from my RY.com order. These are actually quite expensive ($36.95) but that seems to be the universal price on Australian web stockists. I love the formula of these and thought I would get a full size #justbecause. Rose is described as a peachy pink but I would have to disagree. It's more of a warm, rosy pink - still gorgeous though! A great more colourful everyday shade that I'm excited to use!

Look at all that rose gold! I actually also got the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury set as a gift, but they haven't arrived yet! Bloody Beauty Bay always takes forever to ship! -_- Oh well, I patiently await the gorgeousness that is that brush set.

The Body Shop Peppermint Foot set
I received this little set as a gift and while I'm not one to really pamper my feet, I'm definitely curious to give these products a go!

This one was a gift as well, and I'm currently storing makeup bits in it (mascaras, eyeliners and other cylindrical things) and I'm loving how adorable it is! I bloody love kikki.K homewares...

How gorgeous is this box?! It's just so dainty and precious and the copper accenting is perfect. LOVE. I'm currently storing my cotton pads in it haha - I had no idea what to put in it, I just wanted it! I used my $10 birthday voucher so it came to $20. Still expensive but just look how PRETTY it is!

Omg guys, don't even get me started on my newfound Kmart obsession. So like I said, I've been thinking about all things homeware and redecoration, and Kmart is WHERE IT'S AT when it comes to affordable and stylish as heck homewares!!! I've started following an instagram account (@the_kmart_forecast) and gah all the styling is perfect and makes me want everything. This clock was actually a gift and gah I'm so excited to put it in my new room soon. I'm feeling minimalist, white with copper accents. So cliche I know. The only bad thing about Kmart is that the good stuff is always sold out *cry face*. 

I was very much inspired in this purchase by Lily Pebbles who often wears her Topshop skaters. I went to check them out and found this similar pair (only furry) on sale for $20! I decided to pick them up because I am in need of more shoes for uni! That's the excuse anyway...These shoes are super substantial though with quite a thick, heavy sole. I really like them but they actually aren't the most comfortable. Some fabric on the inside digs in a bit, and it's not a perfect size so my toes hurt a little at the end of the day! No biggy though, and they're more comfy with socks on :)

Dayumm, this post took me like an hour to write no joke. I should probably get back to writing that 2000 word essay due in less than a week... fun tymz. If you made it to the end, snaps for you! Let me know if you've tried any of these, or any products you particularly would like to see reviewed!