Monthly Favourites // September 2015

September actually went by at a reasonable pace for me! It's been jam packed with a bunch of stuff and I've been suuuper busy with my new job and a BOAT LOAD of assessment that is due very soon which I am stressing out about and quietly crappin' ma pants. ANYway, that is why I've been a tad bit absent on the blog and I might slip back to one post a week for the time being but come November, it'll be full steam ahead as I am free and clear of Uni! Favourites-wise, I was actually strugglin' a little to come up with a handful of products. I've been using a lot of old faves mainly to try and use them up, and since I haven't hauled in a while - I was feeling a bit stagnant! I did gather some products I've really been loving though, so let's jump in! And also come pay day...I'll be haulin' ;)

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Dry*
I haven't tried anything from Philosophy before so when the press release for this new moisturiser popped into my inbox, I was very keen to try it! It's a new take on their famous Hope in a Jar moisturiser, and supposedly "refreshes and refines". I would agree as it is a super lightweight gel-cream texture that absorbs very quickly into the skin. Though this is targeted toward dry skins, I find it works well for me. It's not heavy or greasy and I find it more hydrating than moisturising. For that reason I prefer it as a day cream. It also contains AHAs which I do think help smooth and refine the skin ever so subtly. I haven't noticed a massive difference, but it's gentle and I think it works really well!

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres
I mentioned this in my last post so I won't ramble, but I've really been liking this lip balm this past month! It's a very interesting texture - almost siliconey and matte, yet still balmy. I think it really helps repair chapped lips and feels super lightweight on the lips!

I've done a full review on Rimmel's new brow offerings, and I must say I really like them! It's been nice to switch up my brow products since using the same powder for the past three years! Out of this kit, I really only use the wax as the powder is a tad too warm for me. The wax gives a lovely defined, yet natural look and helps set the hairs in place - slightly.

After using the wax, I then brush through some of this gel to add a bit more texture, volume and again, slightly set the hairs down. The brush isn't the smallest and can get a little messy, so I always make sure to wipe/scrape off the excess product. 

No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow in Bronze
I haven't given this a mention since I hauled it, but I have really been liking it! Eyeshadow-wise, I've been using products from previous faves like the Chocolate Bar palette, and Makeup Geek, but for days when I want an easy one shadow look, this liquid-mousse shadow has been great! The colour is definitely in that bronze-taupe-purple family that works really well on its own. It's slightly shimmery and adds dimension. It's pigmented, blendable and pretty long-lasting with a primer, even more so when set with a powder!

Maybelline Coloursensational Shine Gloss in Glorious Grapefruit
Again another product from the same haul that hasn't gotten enough attention from me! I've been gravitating towards this particularly this month as an easy, slightly colourful lip. It's so easy to swipe on! This gloss is non-sticky though lasts decently, and is fairly pigmented, even leaving a slight stain! Plus, of course, it's that typical peachy-pink that I wear all the time and find so flattering!

To match the lip gloss, I've been grabbing for this blush which I'd pretty much declare my favourite peachy-pink blush - BOLD STATEMENTS OVER HERE! The formula is amazing and the colour is perfect. 

I've also been enjoying some new music, and all the tv shows are coming back - but I'll be saving those for separate music and tv posts so keep an eye out! Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to the mountain of stress and assessment that is October. No I ain't makin a mountain out of a molehill (that's a David (whom I hate let's make that clear) reference from the Bachelorette - YES I'M ADDICTED TO BACHETTE AND I HAVE NO SHAME) (I SAW MICHAEL AT A CAFE ON TUESDAY, IT WAS GLORIOUS. My friends and I silently fangirled and took awkward stalker pics) bachie rant over.

ANYwaaaays, what have you guys been loving?? Fellow bachie fans holla @ me.

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*Products sent for consideration.