The USA Haul // Drugstore

'Ello, 'Ello! It's been a while hasn't it?! Well, I'm back from my three week trip to the US and of course, I return with a WHOPPER of a haul! Like my wishlist posts, I'm splitting it into a (somewhat) more manageable two parts; drugstore and high end! I guess it's also a good way to compare to my wishlist what I bought and what I didn't. Some items I skipped because I figured it would be easier to buy online (a. wouldn't have to lug it back, b. I didn't have much cash haha :P), and others, once I saw in the flesh, I decided against! I actually stuck pretty well to my list, and overall am super happy with my purchases! With regards to my actual trip...I had an amazing time! You can check out my Instagram for a snippet of my adventures, but I will sure be uploading some photos and travel posts on here! Anyway, let's get into the loot!

Morphe Brushes 35O Palette (and of course it's sold out!)
I made it to the Morphe store guys!!! We ended up hiring a car in LA as we soon realised how vast the city was and that it would be practically impossible to get to all the places we wanted without a car (public transport is basically nonexistent!). Sooo, I made a special trip out to Burbank just to go to the store heh...WORTH IT. So yep, I picked up the extremely raved about 35O palette, of course! It is goooorgeous. I haven't properly swatched every shade or even used it yet, but so far, the formula is really good. The foiled shadows are particularly impressive! They did have the Jaclyn Hill Favourites palette there but I didn't end up getting it as the only shades I would really use were the warm ones, which pretty much overlap in the 35O! Plus it was more expensive for less shades?? (RE Jeffree Star, they didn't have the shades I wanted :(( )

These palettes from Milani are fairly new, and I picked it up because of Tati and Kathleen's rave reviews! These shades were particularly calling to me (yeeeeaaah...basically only bought warm eyeshadows, whoops!) and I figured it would be nice to have a slightly smaller palette. I love the selection of shades, there are a couple of mattes and the formula of pretty much all the shades is amazing!

I did end up picking up a few H&M products, but not as many as I thought I would! I opted for the products that I knew I wanted, none of the shades of lipsticks or cream shadows really jumped out at me and I couldn't be bothered to swatch them all to be honest! I did grab this eyeshadow which both Lily and Kathleen love! It's a gorgeous pale, neutral gold that would make an amazing everyday lid colour. I haven't used it yet, but from swatching, it feels super smooth and has lovely pigmentation.

I didn't expect to pick this up, but they were on clearance for around $3 each so I figured I may as well try one out! I opted for 211 which a super pretty russet red-brown with a slightly shimmery finish. The formula is lovely but not suuuper pigmented which I don't mind as it can be built up easily.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 04 Rosy Brown and 05 Golden Brown
I of course grabbed the supposed By Terry Misty Rock dupe (04) and also 05 which is a bronze shade, but slightly different to others I own as it's almost a dirty greenish-gold with a brown base, if that makes sense! These are extremely creamy and pigmented!

Like I mentioned in my wishlist post, this is apparently almost identical to the Anastasia Brow Wiz! I've used it a few times and I like it but I don't looooooove it? It's one of the few brow pencils I've used though so I think I need a bit more experience! The colour is okay but maybe a bit too black as I prefer dark ashy browns.

Bought this on Emily Noel's recommendation and also I need a new clear brow gel! I used it a few times while I was travelling and I like it but again, needs a more testing!

Picked up the waterproof version of this mascara as only the normal version is available here! This will sit in my drawer for a while as I have way too many mascaras open already!

Kiko Water Eyeshadow in 200 Champagne and 208 Light Gold
How pretty are these!?!? Technically eyeshadow, though I think I'll predominantly be using them as highlighters! I did already crack them open and give them a go and they are absolutely gooorg on the cheeks. They are super metallic and smooth, though I haven't tried them wet yet!

Quite the unassuming shade but it's one of those that will go with everything! It's a bit different to other "nude" shades in my collection as it's quite pinky-mauve with an almost purplish hue. It's beautiful! Also, the packaging does not disappoint!

Finnnaaaallly! I have my hands on the cult classic! When I swatched it, it was a little pale so I was afraid it would be a Benefit Coralista situation (eugh) but when applied to the cheeks it's stunning! The peachy-coral really comes through with a golden glow. Lurrrrve. The other Milani products I wanted were the matte lip creams but unfortunately I couldn't find them and I didn't make it to a Walmart :'(

Before jetting off I was tossing up whether or not to get this...I decided not to but it was actually on sale so I decided, why da heck not! Plus I realised my Bourjois powder that I love is actually quite a few shades too dark... whoops! This is raved about by Emily Noel and Sharon Farell and it really is a lovely powder! Super creamy and it definitely blends amazingly into the skin! It adds a teensy bit of coverage and sets without looking cakey.

L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss in Nude Allude and Bare Attraction
These were some of the first products I bought so I did try them out a couple of times (before I bought all the OTHER lip products) and I really like them. The two shades I got are amazing, warm nude-y shades. These are super comfy on the lips and give a matte appearance but feel balmy. They fade nicely too, especially with the deeper shade - it lasted really well!

I actually wasn't going to get this (it was on my wishlist years ago!) but when I saw Maybelline Colour Elixir in Breathtaking Apricot in the flesh, it was a lot more pink than I expected so I skipped it. I opted for this as it was cheaper and I was intrigued by it! On the lips its a nude peach that is sheer but quite pretty!

Aaah, the lipstick Tati FOREVER raves about! I had to pick it up! I thought it would be a peachy nude, which it is, but it's actually a lot more peach than nude! I haven't yet tried it on, but it's really pretty! I already have a couple of these lipsticks and the formula is great, though the packaging sucks!

I was going to get like 4 shades of this lipstick, but decided against Nude Nuance as it looked a bit pale, and figured I could always get Divine Wine and Touch of Spice here. Clay Crush is gorg though, it's a browny-peachy-nude, super flattering! The formula is really comfortable too!

This is what I think would be the poor man's Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. It's a creamy, moisturising mist that leaves the skin feeling plump and dewy. Works great as a primer/finishing spray or a hydrating toner! The actual spray of this is really fine too!

I'm glad to finally have my hands on this cult classic! I've used it a bit and I definitely noticed my skin being smoother and brighter the morning after!

Was going to get the Maybelline version, but I spotted this one first - they're apparently identical anyways! I used this a couple of times and it's comparable to the Urban Decay All Nighter, just perhaps a little less drying and a little less long lasting! It still works really well though, and is a great budget option.

Currently wearing this on my nails and I love the chic mushroom grey. It went on really creamy and smooth, opaque in two coats. It looks really thick and shiny too, so far so good!

Onto the last leg, almost there peeps!

Totally picked this up for the highlighter brush (fourth brush on the left) which looks super similar to the Anastasia one! This was a bargain, like, $12 for the set. They're all really soft and great quality and both Emily Noel and Kathleen rave about them! The angled brush is pretty great but I don't think I'll get much use out of the two flat ones.

Jaclyn Hill's fave blush brush everrrrr - I had to pick it up! Plus I love my Zoeva angled brush so I thought I'd try another. The Elite range reminds me a lot of Model's Prefer airbrush brushes and Sephora collection ones, makes me think they're all made in the same factory! Anyway, it's super soft and I think the shape will be good!

Bought this upon Nikkie's recommendation! It seems like just a regular fan brush so I'll have to use it to see if there's anything special about it, though Nikkie's highlight is always ON DAMN FLEEK.

This is a large, soft, fluffy brush which my collection was lacking. I just needed a bigger, fluffier brush for blending out the crease, and shadow in general! Now I can blend till my fingers bleed. 

ANOTHER Jaclyn rec. This is the brush she pretty much always uses to apply highlighter! I have nothing like it in my collection. It's basically just a giant, long fluffy crease brush. What I like is that the bristles are pretty loose and not dense, so I think it will give a good, blended application yet still be precise! One thing to note, I did wash these and this one bled black dye (like my fake NARS brushes), plus they have a chemical/factory ish smell. The actual bristles of the "M" brushes aren't the softest either but I'm yet to see how they perform! These are super cheap so the quality won't be the greatest!

Phew! In true Tasha fashion, it's been a long-ass haul post. I forgive you if you only looked at the pictures....errr rude. Anyway, let me know whatcha think of my purchases and a part two of my highend shiz will be up soon! GET PUMPED.