The USA Haul // High End

Aaaaand now for part two of my USA haul - all da high end shiz! Looking over my purchases, I actually don't think I bought that much...heh *scoffs*. I mean, obviously it still cost a buttload but I feel like I didn't go CRAY, especially considering I didn't end up getting any eye products, or that many face products (lips dominated y'all, MATTE lips). While I was over there, it felt like a lot (I went to Sephora in every city...MULTIPLE TIMES) but I only bought 2-3 things each trip (can't bear to hand over a wad of cash that big...what's up with atms not giving out notes bigger than 20s???). Anyway, enough rambling, of course there's still enough here for a haul! Like I mentioned in my drugstore haul, I didn't end up buying everything I mentioned in my wishlist, such as the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops or Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette because the drops are actually cheaper here (on PMstudio) and I can get KVD from Sephora online for the same price (saved me lugging it home in my already very full bag). Also, Burberry Pale Barley was sold out everywhere! :( Same with both of the other highlighters I wanted - Laura Geller swirly highlighter and turns out the Anastasia highlighters aren't available instore anymore (Y U LIE MACYS???). So I was let down a few times but it saved my wallet I guess!

I managed to find this in a Sephora! Only larger Sephoras that carry the whole MUFE line had the F&B foundation, I came to realise. After swatching a couple of shades, I deduced that I was 32 - the shade I thought I'd be! I've used this a couple of times and it's intriguing! It's super liquidy and very light coverage, but also easily buildable. It looks super natural, even undetectable! So far, so good.

I only managed to get to Ulta once and thank god they had one Medium left! Oh ma gawsh, this CC cream is glorious. It's my first CC cream and I've only used it a couple of times, but it's saaah GEWD. It's quite thick and really creamy but has pretty fair, medium coverage and an ultra glowy finish - it's almost too glowy for my combination skin but set with a bit of powder, it's gorg. 

Oh my god this has to be the one product that I've wanted ever since I started liking makeup, the CULT highlighter. I wanted this sooo badly a few years ago but that sort of faded, especially as a bunch of other highlighters became popular! I wasn't planning on getting this but I swatched it and just remembered how damn PRETTY it is. I gave it some thought and ended up purchasing it. It's actually not that much cheaper in the US, only a few dollars, but I'm glad to finally have my hands on it! I wore it a lot while I was over there and it seriously lives up to all the hype!

Can you BELIEVE I only bought one high end blush??? What is this MADNESS. This was a must for me, since it's heaps cheaper there and we don't even get this shade in Australia. Fig Pop is similar to MAC Warm Soul (my fave blush) except it's a bit deeper and more pinky-mauve-brown, than the peachy-bronze of Warm Soul. It's pretty much the perfect accompaniment for the millions of mauvey-brown lip colours I now have... (and SEGUE TO THE LIPS)

I finally got my hands on one of the illustrious MAC Lip Pencils! Soar is a gorgeous pinky-mauve, everyday shade. I was tempted by Whirl as well which is much more brown, but I resisted (it's for the best...right??). I've only used it once so more testing is needed, but I think it's pretty great so far!

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Marvelous Mauve and African Violet
My one purchase from Sephora's own line, they have an impressive product range but nothing jumped out at me! I didn't give their skincare/brushes a proper look because I really didn't need anything (the risk was too high...). I've worn Marvelous Mauve once though and it's pretty great. These definitely are more comfortable and less drying than other matte liquid lipsticks I've tried, but they also transfer a little and don't necessarily last as long. Pretty damn great though! 

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita and Lolita II
I really wish the mini set of Lolita and Lolita II was still available because that would've been MIGHTY convenient. I almost didn't get Lolita (it was out of stock in most places and they never had the tester out) but once I found a store with a tester, I swatched and I saw the hype. It's a little deep, mauve-brown and I lurve. I compared Lolita II and Double Dare and they are super similar, Lolita II is just a bit more terracotta orange compared to DD which is more pinky-blush. I thought LII would be more unique in my collection and I adore the shade! I need to give these a proper go, but so far the formula is promising!

I managed to cull three lipsticks from my wishlist! Be proud! The ones I didn't get were Plumful (was a bit meh on the lips? It was more pink than anticipated, I wanted more plum!), Relentlessly Red (pulled very pink on me unfortunately) and Shy Girl. I'm yet to try on FOF and blindly trust Holly and Daphne that this will look HOT (cos it looks damn hot on them). Mehr and Kinda Sexy are along the same vein of wearable nude-ish shades, but Mehr is more pinky and Kinda Sexy more peachy! My first time trying a matte formula MAC lipstick and I LOVE.

So technically not mine? If you guys know me, you know I'm not huge on red lips, I think they look kinda blah on me, BUT I desperately wanted this lipstick because PEGGY CARTER. My mum, on the other hand, pretty much exclusively wears red so I basically forced her to buy this for "herself". I'll definitely be giving it a go though, and hopefully reviewing it! None of the Sephoras I went to actually stocked Besame which sucked because I would've loved to see their other products. They only had a set of this lipstick with the lipstick matches (cute idea!) in the "beauty on the go" aisle (aka aisle of doom). Thank goodness it was the right shade! 

Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind
I wasn't planning on picking this up but it was a limited edition from Holiday 2015 and I spotted it, again, in the "aisle of doom", and grabbed it. I'm super glad I did because I never saw it again! This little set contains four minis of the Matte Creme Lip Crayon in the shades Cafe, Torte, Coulis and Aubergine. Absolutely gorg shades and from what I've heard, these are some super comfy matte lipsticks! It was a great deal too, $25 for the set!

I'm super annoyed actually as I saw a set of Boscia products (including this oil) in the first Sephora I went to in Anaheim but didn't end up purchasing as I didn't want to lug the products around and I thought I could get it later. I never saw it again which sucks as it was such a great deal, like four products (a couple full size) for only $45! This is the set here. :'( The cleansing oil alone is $30 which is damn exxy so I'll definitely be using it sparingly. I wish I could've gotten more Boscia but yeah, it's a pretty pricey brand and I really didn't need any other skincare!

Yaaay finally got this after years of wanting it! I'll be cracking this open once I finish my current tub of Lush Ultrabland (shouldn't be too long). I hope it lives up to all of the raves!

I'm super glad I bought this near the beginning of my trip as my lips REALLY needed it in the cold, harsh conditions of Denver and the Grand Canyon! My lips have never been drier. They were chapped and just so tight, uncomfortable and itchy! Using this morning and night really helped bring them back after a few days. This stuff is also pretty dang pricey though so I'm saving it for nights/winter time!

Formula X The Match CLIX for Fair to Light skintones (similar linked, can't find this exact one!)
In hindsight, I really didn't need this. I really wanted to try Formula X though and thought this was a super cute way of trying a few shades! I do really like the shades included but they're nothing special, and they were kinda expensive! I'm glad to have it but probably shouldn't have bought it! :P 

This was one of the musts of my wishlist and I'm super glad I got it! It's seriously an awesome deal. You get seven minis for $58, PLUS a full size perfume of your choice (from the selection). I pretty much knew I was going to get Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and that was affirmed once I smelt it! It smells so lovely and floral, but still unlike anything I have already, plus I love that bottle! The one ounce retails for $60 so I basically saved $2 and got a bunch of freebies. Woo! The other fragrances included in the set are Nirvana Black, Fresh Life, Escada Joyful, Bulgari Omnia Crystalline, Lancome La Vie Est Belle and Gucci Guilty

And now for the free minis! Obviously I joined the beauty insider program and they actually had a promotion for triple points on any fragrance purchase so my perfume buy definitely bulked up my points bank! There was actually a slight mishap though...to my advantage :P I redeemed all my points at the last stop but then my mum ended up buying something else and we got a different cashier and she asked whether I wanted to redeem my points (which I had just done) so I did...! Yeah basically got double the freebs heh. Now I look at my account and I have negative points hahaha :P Whoops! Eh, not like I'll be going back anytime soon! Look at moi, such a rebel.

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer
This is the Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift (well, this or mini Fresh products) and my dad's birthday is actually on the 27th of February and you can redeem the gift two weeks before or after your birthday. I was NOT gonna miss the opportunity to get the bday gift so I signed my dad up with an account and got his gift haha! I'm super excited to try these though as I love the other Marc Jacobs lipstick I have, and I've heard raves about his eyeliners.

Unfortunately I only had around 400 points so I couldn't get a 500 point set! :( I was restricted to the 100 point perks which varied from store to store and were different to online. I left redeeming to the last couple of Sephoras I went to and unfortunately the selection kinda sucked. I am grateful I got double the stuff though hahaha :P

I got the Lancome Cleansing Oil, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar, Korres Black Pine Night Cream, Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk and Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat

Holy CRAP that was a long post. But guys, appreciate because there won't be many (if any) more hauls on ze blog for a little while. The things I gave a miss on the trip are still on my wishlist though and will hopefully be making their way to me soon! But now...a spending ban.