Monthly Favourites // February 2016

Well this is a bit weird, March of 2016 has officially begun. WhahatatTatAT?!?? It's especially odd for me as this is my first favourites post of the year as I missed January! It wasn't intentional, I was just so busy packing and then travelling that I completely forgot. Also, I really wasn't using anything new so you can refer to my December/2015 favourites for what I was loving during January! Anyway, Feb's faves aren't particularly exciting either as I was pretty much living out of a makeup bag on my travels. I can ASSURE you that next month's will be quite exciting though ;) 

Rosehip Plus Organic Daily Cream Cleanser*
This was the one cleanser I brought on my trip and it served me well! I opted for a creamy cleanser as I feel they're good for both morning and night, and will somewhat help remove makeup if I need it. Also, since it was winter in the US and a much colder, drier climate, I needed all the moisturising help I could get! This wasn't super moisturising, but it was gentle, creamy and left my skin feeling clean and soft.

DHC Olive Energy Cleansing Oil
Would you believe that this half(ish) bottle is made up of, like, nineteen sample sachets??? Hahaha! My mum went a bit crazy in a hotel in Japan that had these sachets out and got a bunch for me. It's pretty impressive how much I was able to get out of them! Anyway, this was my makeup remover for the trip and it lives up to all the hype! I absolutely love this! It removes makeup SO well that when I wash my face after with a white face cloth, there's NO other residue! Super gentle and doesn't sting my eyes like another cleansing oil I have (ahem, Face of Australia).

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask
Like I mentioned in my haul, I bought this early on and thank gawd because my lips NEEDED this. It was soooo cold, especially in the Grand Canyon and Denver, and WINDY in Las Vegas, so my lips were tight, itchy, super flakey, chapped and just DANG DRY. I used this mask morning and night and within a few days my lips were pretty much back to normal! It's definitely a thicker consistency, not too sticky though, and it really feels like it's nourishing the lips. 

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA+++
I used this sunscreen pretty much everyday and I really liked it! Unlike the other Biore face milk sunscreens I have, this one is a lightweight, creamy texture. It feels a bit hydrating on the skin and absorbs super quickly. It's not drying but it's also not at all greasy or shiny! Very noice.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in Ginger
The only base product I took on my trip! I was a bit hesitant considering it's a very light coverage product and thought "what if I want a fuller coverage???" but let's be real, do you ever go all out on your makeup when you're travelling?? This suited my needs super well and I can actually get a decent coverage with a bit of building! Concealer is definitely needed though! I absolutely love the texture of this, it's a lightweight, almost moussey cream that gives a pretty glowy finish. I also love that it blends right into the skin, really quickly. It's very comfortable on the skin and is fairly moisturising, which, considering the climate change, suited my drier skin very well! Although, I find it works perfectly well in the hotter weather here, it just needs a bit more powdering!

L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder in W3
I pretty much only used this powder (over my Bourjois one) since I bought it on my first day! It was only when I got over there that I realised my Bourjois powder was actually a fair few shades too dark for me, this L'oreal one looks white in comparison haha! It's much better suited to my skintone though, and I do find it to be very blendable! It almost has a creamy texture so it's not super mattifying, but it doesn't look dry or cakey.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle
I only got this toward the end of my trip but I couldn't help busting it out! I used it a few times over there, and a few times here and it just feels so good to finally have it, haha! The raves are true! This is quite an intense highlighter and gives an amazing glowy sheen! Be careful how you apply it though because sometimes it can look a little glittery..but sometimes you just need that, y'know?! I love the shade too. I find a lot of my highlighters are gold or bronzy since that's what suits my skintone best. I felt I was lacking a good champagne-beige shade though, as any I do have lean too silver and look ashy! This fits the bill and I find it to be an almost "nude" highlighter. Absolutely gorg!

*Product sent for consideration.