Creamy Matte Lips

Like the rest of the world, I've been pretty obsessed with matte lips lately. Especially with recent formula improvements, matte lipsticks aren't as drying as they used to be and I find myself reaching for them on the daily! Luckily the drugstore is hopping on the bandwagon as well, with Maybelline's fairly recent offering of the Colour Sensational Creamy Matte lipsticks. These have been getting raves from UK and US girls alike, and I'm super glad we've finally got them here too! Unfortunately we don't have as many shades as the US, though the ones we do have are pretty gorgeous!

L-R: Clay Crush, Touch of Spice, Divine Wine

Packaged in the standard square Maybelline packaging, the Creamy Mattes have a frosted matte purple lid. I enjoy the square shape as they fit nicely together in my drawer - gotta love that tessellation :P. Like most Maybelline lipsticks these do have a faint scent of...something - but it's light and dissipates pretty much immediately!

The formula of these lipsticks pretty much live up to the name. They are very creamy, and apply really easily without skipping or dragging on the lips. These aren't mosturising by any stretch of the imagination, but they aren't terribly drying. Quite plainly, they're comfortable on the lips! They feel pretty weightless and layer really easily - they don't go patchy or chunky. The actual level of matte-ness is pretty up there too - similar to MAC's mattes. There's no overt shine or sheen, but the creamy moisture stops it from looking like concrete/really emphasising lines in the lips (a la matte liquid lipstick). If you have flakey lips these will accentuate them (of course) but to be honest - it ain't terrible! The three shades I have are all extremely pigmented, you pretty much only need one swipe! Lasting power is also great, I only really need to reapply after eating where it only fades a little through the centre of the lips. Like most matte lipsticks, they don't slide or bleed around the mouth, although they do transfer a little when eating! Hello lipstick on the chin! That happens to you too right...? :P  

Clay Crush is probably my favourite shade, and sadly, unavailable in Australia :'(. I picked this up while I was in the US and I am so glad I did! It is a slightly darker peachy nude, but has a bit of terra cotta through it (hence the name?). I imagine this could look quite orange on some skin tones, but I find it super flattering on my warm skin. It can be prone to making my teeth look a wee bit yellow, but it's not terrible. This seriously goes with so many looks though! I think you could wear it with next to no makeup or a full blown smokey eye! I reach for it a lot when I wear warm looks (which is hella often). I thought it would be similar to MAC Kinda Sexy, but Kinda Sexy is lighter and more peachy, while Clay Crush is more brown.

Touch of Spice is of course the shade of the moment. It's a darker mauvey, slightly cool-toned shade with a bit of brown thrown in. It's an extremely wearable shade that will also go with anything! I've also heard this is a good dupe for MAC Twig! It's quite similar to MAC Mehr, though a bit darker, and Mehr is definitely more pink.

Divine Wine is the vampy shade of the bunch, perfect for the cooler months! It's a dark, maroon red which is the kind of red I like! Rather than being berry or purple toned, it has more of a brown tinge to it. I've heard that it's similar to MAC Diva, but I believe Diva is a lot more brown. Divine Wine is also similar to the classic Rimmel 107 but quite a bit darker. I really should've swatched out all these comparisons for you guys! #badblogger

Anyway, I pretty much can't say anything bad about these lipsticks! I'd even go as far to say they're my...favourite drugstore lipstick?? Well, definitely my favourite matte drugstore lipstick at the very least! They are excellent quality and I totally recommend you check them out!

Have you tried the Maybelline Creamy Matte lipsticks?

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