Trippin' // San Francisco

It's been a hot minute, but I'm continuing with my Trippin posts from the USA! Today's post is all about the beautiful San Francisco! I think San Francisco was my favourite city that we visited. There was just SO much to do there! It definitely is a tourist hub and we actually arrived the day after Superbowl weekend so everything was still buzzing from the game! San Francisco is definitely a unique city to me, it has the holiday feel of being by the bay, and manages to feel both quaint and super busy and metropolitan at the same time. In the inner city, we managed to get by just by walking and also bought day passes for the cable cars. My dad's cousin also lives nearby and they were kind enough to take us around one day to see most of the sights - which there are a lot of!

I didn't really know what the fuss was about the Golden Gate bridge, but walking across it, you can definitely appreciate its majesty! It is an amazing piece of engineering and it's so vast! And I mean, it's so iconic! Looking up at the pillars just reminded me of Charmed and them standing at the top of it in the mist haha :P Lots of people were riding bikes across it which looked like a lot of fun, but we just walked across. It was so windy but the view across the bay was pretty amazing!

San Fran is also well known for it's wharf and sea food! We ate there a few times as it was fairly close to our hotel. It was lovely to walk up and down the wharf and grab a bite of their famous clam chowder!

My favourite thing about San Fran though is probably their adorable terrace townhouses! These are the famous Painted Ladies, but there are so many quaint, colourful houses across the city! I love the Victorian style and admire how well they've been maintained! I love the ~juxtaposition~ between the Victorian style and the cityscape behind! It really adds to the character of the city!

There are also so many steep hills in San Francisco! It's pretty weird to be in the inner city and have so many hills - I would hate to drive manual here haha :P We of course had to go to Lombard street - the famous "crooked" street. It's very cool and I actually just love the garden beds lel - gotta make it look good for all dem tourists! I'm also astounded by the grid system of the city and seeing everything so neat and square from up high pleases me greatly! If only Brisbane had been designed on a grid system...

San Francisco is an absolutely gorgeous city and one I would love to go back to! There's so much to do here - the shopping is amazing too by the way haha! There are things I didn't get to do like tour Alcatraz or visit the Redwoods (would've loved that for a Parks and Rec reference haha) and I wish I had more time here. It's such a diverse, unique city all contained in such a small area! I didn't take any photos of it but it's also home to the largest Chinatown outside of Asia - hella impressive! Walking through it really feels like you're walking through Hong Kong!

Have you ever visited San Francisco? Would you like to?

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