Monthly Favourites // May 2016

Back here again, so soon. I want to apologise for my semi-absence round these parts the past month! I dropped from my usual two posts a week to just one as May has been hectic! I'm right back in the middle of assessment, plus it was my birthday and there were a few things going on! I probably won't post next week just because I'm currently drowning in assignments and have my one exam next Thursday, and after that we'll be free and clear and (hopefully) back to regularly scheduled program! Some pretty exciting things happened - I bought a new car! My old car (emphasis on OLD, it was legit 30 years old) finally broke down after like 5 years of being on its last legs. Parts kept going and we kept replacing them until finally it was just too costly to justify - may as well buy a new car which is what I've been saving for all this time right?? Yep, not to buy more makeup... Anyway, instead of 30, it's only 2 years old and it's a small lil zippy car and I'm pretty happy with it! But I'm broke now so the spending ban is BACK (tho obvs I made an exception for Sweet Peach). Also, yesterday I attended the Bloggers United Brisbane event which was absolutely amazing! I might do a post of the event and what we got in the mahoosive goodie bags, but I didn't take many photos at the event so we'll see. Let me know if you'd be interested! Anyway, into the goodz!

L-R: Sleek Contour, Kiko 208, Maybelline Creamy Beige, MAC Kinda Sexy

I've been back on the Fit Me train! I use the shade Medium round the face, and decided to pick up a shade lighter for under the eyes. I've started noticing I have slightly more prominent darkness, plus the shape of my new glasses kind of accentuate it a little. This is a great shade for me, yellow-toned and not too pale that it's ashy. The formula is amazing and definitely a must from the drugstore! It's relatively thin and blends easily without accentuating dryness too much, unless you have particularly flakey patches. Coverage is a good medium and it sits well under the eyes!

Ah, memz. This was like my OG bronzer/face contour product and despite the fact that I haven't mentioned it on the blog in an age, it's been a constant in my rotation! This is what I reach for for daily, easy makeup or when I'm in a rush as it's the perfect brontour shade. It's slightly warm to add a bit of bronze, but neutral enough that it'll also add shadow. It is well pigmented but not overly so, and applies and blends so easily! Plus, do you see the little pan indent??? I feel I'm so close to hitting pan! Even more incentive for me to use it haha! Ps the highlighter isn't anything special - a bit too silvery for me.

Kiko Water Shadow in 208
I don't think the swatch does this product justice as it's quite noticeably shimmery! Although it is an eyeshadow, I use it as a highlighter. It gives an amazing glow that isn't quite as intense as Becca, but up there in shimmer levels. It's a rather true gold, erring on the light side - similar to all the trendy gold highlighters, the newest of which is Becca Prosecco Pop! Anyway, gold is one of my favourite colours to wear - jewellery and makeup wise so this gets a good workout as it's so complimentary to so many of my looks! 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Leather in Creamy Beige
Remember when Colour Tattoos were all the rage? I was on that bandwagon too - they were the first cream shadows I tried and I absolutely loved them. Then I tried others which were heaps more creamy, and gradually the ones I had pretty much dried out to the point where they were too difficult to bother with! Creamy Beige is the latest addition to my fam and maybe it's just because it's new, but it definitely has a more creamy texture. The shade of this is really awesome though! It reminds me of MAC Groundwork, in that it's a sort of neutral, matte taupe-y-natural-easy-alloverlidshade (you get it). What I really like though is that as it blends out it almost gets a little warmer? You can sort of see it in the swatch! So, on the eye is really does look like you've applied two shades. It does have a bit of sparse shimmer through which I wish it didn't but ho hum. Lasting power is pretty good though does crease on me at the end of the day - with primer. 

MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick
Still on that peachy-browny-nudey lipstick train! Kinda Sexy is pretty much the epitome of that shade description, and is such a flattering colour on me! The formula is really good too - MAC mattes really do deserve all the raves. It's semi creamy, really pigmented and not too drying, but it does look quite matte on the lips.

Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum*
So, in my initial review of this, I expressed that I sort of liked it but didn't notice it doing a tonne for me? Well, I've since used up another mini bottle and am onto the full size. What I really like about this is its texture - it's like a watery gel that sinks in immediately! Typically with these brightening serums, they almost feel like peels or that if you use too much you could go overboard - I don't get that feeling with this one. It feels hydrating and really gentle on the skin. I've been using it every morning and I actually do think that slowly, it's helping brighten my skin and gradually fade scars - though that could be due to a number of varying factors.

L'oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray
Since the weather is cooling down, my skin is getting slightly drier and I don't need something quite as hardcore as the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. This one has the same effect, but a slightly toned down version. It's not as drying (not that UD is drying per se), and does give a slightly dewy effect to the skin. It also doesn't last as long though, but I definitely notice it helping with the longevity of my makeup! A great budget option for sure. 

How was your guys' May? What have you been loving using? I will see you in a couple of weeks my frands, stay tyte.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T  >>
*Product sent for consideration.

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