Colour Families // The Rusty Reds

You guys may or may not know, but I have a bit of a thing for colour coordination - especially when it comes to makeup. I like the whole monochrome thing of keeping all elements of a makeup look in the same colour family - it's highly doubtful you'll see me mixing warm and cool tones! So, the idea of starting somewhat of a 'series' on documenting my makeup collection through colour family sort of came naturally. I mean, here's an OG post of my colour coordinating makeup skillz. So, hopefully I keep this series up because I do love organising shiz by colour. The first fam I thought I'd showcase are the rusty reds aka super warm, orangey, terra cotta reds that have been super trendy of late, and are perfect for the current autumn/winter weather! Shockingly enough, I thought I'd have more products but turns out it's basically all lip products. Any eyeshadows I thought would fit are a bit too orange, though using various shades in the Morphe 35O palette can achieve a rusty red eye look. 

L-R: Shanghai Suzy Miss Nicole Brown, Antipodes Boom Rock Bronze, NARS Dolce Vita, Kat Von D Lolita II, L'oreal Nude Allude, Clinique Fig Pop

Shanghai Suzy Miss Nicole (Burgundy Brown)*
Certainly the most brown and deepest of the bunch, but I still feel it fits the bill. When I first got this (like a year ago I should say), I thought I would never wear it, but actually this shade has become quite trendy (thanks Kylie...I guess). It's a deep brown with strong red tones that keeps it wearable. The formula of this lipstick is really lovely - creamy, super pigmented and well-lasting on the lips. I keep meaning to try more from Shanghai Suzy as they're decently priced and have a bunch of unique shades!

This lipstick is my first foray into Antipodes' makeup range, and seeing as I love their skincare - I had high hopes for their makeup! I am certainly impressed! This lipstick is described as having a matte finish with a hint of shine, which I'd largely agree with. It's very creamy and decently pigmented - you can apply a slightly sheerer layer, or build it up to full colour. It is super comfortable on the lips and even applied to very dry lips it feels slightly moisturising and doesn't accentuate dryness too badly! Boom Rock Bronze is sort of like a my lips but better, but darker, and more red-brown. I love the colour, it's quite wearable and a great day to day option!

I managed to score this mini size in a Mecca Beauty Loop box which I was well chuffed with seeing as I've been wanting to try these for an age! I haven't really worn this too much, but the formula does live up to the hype! It has a super weightless feel on the lips with a matte, almost powdery finish that isn't drying or uncomfortable at all. It will accentuate flakiness but I don't feel it dries out the lips. The lasting power is average and I do find it fades, but at least it fades evenly. I'm not sure if it's just Dolce Vita, but I find this to be actually quite "sheer". You don't come across a sheer matte lip product often, but this does take a bit of building to get significant colour. The colour itself it slightly lighter and brighter and a bit more rosy, but very much a brownish-red with a hint of orange.

Lolita II is the most 'terra cotta' of the bunch, with strong orange tones but still very much has the dusty undertones of red and brown. I've only tried a few formulas of liquid lipsticks, but KVD's are probably some of my favourites, though to be honest, I don't discern too much of a difference between each. The Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are very pigmented and apply evenly, once layer is enough. The lasting power is excellent and they seem to fade quite evenly as well - most of the time I can't be bothered to reapply. They have a full matte finish which will accentuate dryness but I don't find them particularly drying or uncomfortable.

Unfortunately not available in Australia, I picked a couple of these up in the US and they've quickly become one of my favourite lip products. Like the name suggests, it's basically a lip "gloss" but with a matte finish. It almost feels moussey - quite thin and very comfortable and lightweight on the lips - with a hint of shine, but overall a matte finish. It's sort of a similar concept to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, but I just prefer these for some reason. They're not as prone to smearing, plus I think they just wear better. They slowly get more matte, and this particular shade stains the lips slightly and just keeps looking good as the day goes on! Nude Allude is quite a deep rosy-red with a hint of brown which I feel really adds a lot of warmth to the face.

Clinique Cheek Pop in Fig Pop
Lastly I have just one blush for you all! I've already done a full review on this so I will spare the finer details! Basically - one of my favourite blush formulas, as despite being a powder, it really melds with the skin and looks very natural and lasts really well. Fig Pop is the perfect accompaniment to all of these lip colours as it's - you guessed it! - a soft, browny-red, that almost mimics a flush on my skin tone. Very wearable!

What are your favourite rusty red products? Let me know which colour you'd like to see next!

*Products provided for consideration. 

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