Trippin' // Los Angeles

Time for the final instalment in my Trippin' series from my trip to the USA! We end with the city of angels aka Los Angeles. In case you missed them, here are my other travel posts of the Grand Canyon, Colorado and San Francisco. On the whole, LA wasn't my favourite city! It is huge and sprawling and difficult to get around unless you have a car. When you do have a car, traffic is often a nightmare and it's super hard to find parking! Alas, there is definitely a lot to see and I'd like to think I saw a lot of the city, but I know there's probably a bunch of other cool (non-touristy) stuff that I missed out on, but to be completely honest I'm not itching to go back to LA! There are lots of cute shops, and good food places which I probably could've explored more! As a sidenote, In n Out was a total letdown for me! Shake Shack beats it hands down in my opinny. The In n Out fries were super dry and tasteless (even with the animal style stuff, which in itself tasted kinda plasticy?) and the burgers were pretty dry too and just like...Hungry Jacks? Shake Shack on the other hand was sooo delish and moist <3 Anyway - most of this will just be photos so I hope you enjoy!

Santa Monica

Venice Beach

Manhattan Beach Pier

I chucked all of the "beach" pics together. We ended up visiting three beaches; Santa Monica, Venice beach and Manhattan beach. Santa Monica Pier was super commercialised and quite touristy, though the beach looked quite nice. Venice beach was just kinda icky to be honest - the walkway had lots of random shops and stalls and the beach wasn't very appealing to me! Manhattan Beach was by far the nicest! A lot more quaint and sea-sidey rather than overtly touristy.

One of my favourite places was definitely the Getty which is a museum. As you can probably tell, I was a bit obsessed with the gardens there - they're so pretty and photogenic! The museum itself is quite enjoyable - they have lots of artworks and artefacts. You can also get iPods and listen to information about each item which I found very cool and informative!

Sun's out, tongues out

From what I saw in the movies, I was expecting the Hollywood sign to be much more majestic, but it's kinda puny (not that I was upclose) and it's really just letters on a hill lol. Don't get the appeal :P We did go on a walk through Runyon canyon which was quite enjoyable, but made all the more better with the sight of PUPPERS! There was this one girl walking all those dogs and she had them sit for a photo and they were so well behaved and omggg so CUUUUUTE. The Runyon trail is apparently where celebs exercise but unfortunately no celebs were spotted. No celebs were spotted at all on my trip which I'm pretty devo about T-T We also went to the Griffith Observatory which is another museum to do with astronomy and had some really interesting displays and cool, informative stuff about SPACE. Learning about space really puts everything into perspective #deep. As you can see though it was hella gloomy! It's on like the top of a hill and has a good view of the Hollywood sign but yeah, the weather was crapola.

Chinese Theatre

The Broad - didn't get to go in unfortunately!

Walt Disney concert hall

Aaaaand concluding with a few random photos of random sights. We stayed in an Air BnB on Hollywood boulevard which I would NOT recommend. I don't think my dad did a lot of research and he assumed that staying on Hollywood bvd would be a good idea but it was noooot. First of all it's super touristy, and kinda seedy. Also, our Air BnB was legit located on top of a secret bar/club so everynight it was SO noisy till like 4am and drunk peeps are freakin loud. Only good thing was that we were pretty close to a Sephora and MAC :P 

Anyways - so that about wraps it up! I didn't take many photos in Las Vegas so I won't be doing a post on that leg of the trip. Wasn't terribly enthused by Las Vegas anyways! :P I hope you guys have enjoyed these posts! Have any of you visited LA? Or live there? Tell me what I should have done haha :P

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