Monthly Favourites // June 2016

Whelp, June went like that *snaps fingers*. Which is unfortunate because, that means I'm back to uni soon...*cries*. I'd like to think I've been making good use of my holidays so far but let's be real, I've been sleeping in till midday and marathoning TV shows. But - I did join a gym this month! What?! Who am I?! True story. Although I'm a self-professed couch potato, I did finally join after my mother's incessant nagging. My friend (ayo Yas) is a gym junkie so at least I have a gym buddy! So far it's been pretty good though - I mostly just do classes because the machines are intimidating lbr. Anyways - let's get onto da faves!

L'oreal Mattifying Infallible Foundation in 22 Radiant Beige
I mentioned this foundation in my 2015 favourites, but other than that - I haven't given this guy too much love on here. It's become a staple in my collection, though I mostly use it for mixing. I've been using it a lot this month because I finished one of my BB creams that I use for mixing, so I needed something to replace it! On it's own it's a good foundation, but at times I feel it's a little dry. The colour is a good match for my neck/chest which is a lot paler than my face so I tend to mix it with darker products just so I don't look like a ghost - you know? Anyway, I do really enjoy the finish of this, it's matte and feels like skin and is super lightweight, but doesn't look flat on the skin. The lasting power is really great too!

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer
This primer is honestly a holy grail of mine! I use it almost everyday that I wear makeup and it extends the wear of my foundation considerably. It helps keep oil at bay for most of the day, but when the oil does come through, my foundation is still intact and on my face! Shockingly enough, I'm like two thirds through the bottle and can see myself finishing it soon which is unheard of for me! A repurchase will definitely be on the agenda.

Lancome Juicy Shaker in Freedom of Peach
Man I'm a sucker for cute packaging. These updates on the classic Juicy Tubes have been getting a hellova lotta hype but rightly so! The novelty of the mini cocktail shaker packaging is adorable, and the actual product - though not completely brand new - is quite unique! It's a bi-phase lip oil that needs to be shaken before use. Freedom of Peach is a pale peachy-pink that is very sheer. You can build these up in layers but you won't get too much colour from this shade. Darker shades definitely pack more of a punch! In terms of formula - they give a lovely juicy shine, are super comfortable and are moisturising but not too oily! I have a full review of this and the other shade I have (Bohemian Raspberry) coming next week!

Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner*
Winged liner is not my forte, but I do do it here and there. This Gel Liner has been in my collection for a while now and I've been using it for cat eyes since I got it. In recent months though, I've been doing winged liner a lot more often and have come to really rely on this liner! I haven't tried many gel liners, but I do find them the easiest to use against liquid liners or pencils. I feel I have more control and they just apply more smoothly, evenly and last the best too! I don't think I can fault this one, sometimes I do wish it were a little more creamy but other than that, it is really pigmented, easy to use and doesn't fade, smudge or flake!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection
Okay y'all, I have some thoughts about this palette. Although I'm featuring it in my favourites - I don't love it? I will spare the finer details for my review post, but I have mixed feelings about it. I have, however, been using it almost exclusively this month for eyeshadow so I felt it deserved a mention! Overall, I enjoy the range of shades and the formula is good - however there are a few shadows that don't have great formulas. I also wish they included more orangey-peach colours - y'know, like the actual fruit. Some of the shades I really enjoy though are Caramelized, Cobbler, Luscious, Summer Yum and Puree. Also - I do really like the scent, it's not too artificial or sickly sweet, but then again doesn't really smell like an actual peach!

Elemis White Brightening Even Tone Lotion*
I started using this about a month ago and I think I've been seeing results! It's essentially like an essence product that I tap over my skin after toning. It absorbs super quickly and doesn't really provide any immediate effect. I do feel however that it has been gradually helping to fade my scars, and overall brighten my skin tone! 

Weleda Skin Food*
I mentioned this in my last post so I won't dwell too much! I've been relying on this guy since I got it to help rid me of my dry, flakey, itchy skin! It's a super thick, oily, ointment that really works to soothe irritated, dry skin!

Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream*
This product goes...hand in hand with the last (har har) one! Although I don't think I have particularly sensitive skin on my hands, because I do have irritated skin on my fingers, I thought it would be best to opt for a more appropriate product. This hand cream is super basic - not too much of a scent - which is what you want when it comes to sensitive skin. The cream itself is very lightweight and sinks in very quickly, leaving almost no residue or greasy feeling which is great for during the day! Subsequently, I don't find it to be the most moisturising but it definitely helps hydrate the hands and keep them smooth!

What have you been loving during June?

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*Products provided for consideration. 

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