Five Spring Nail Polishes

Seeing as spring is basically in full swing, I thought I'd better start getting in the mood for it! When it comes to spring, the very first thing that pops into my head is pastel nail polish! I haven't done a nail related post in a HOT minute, but I've still been wearing nail polish constantly (just not changing it every four days like I used to...wow I've gotten lazy!) and the pastel shades have been a go to (even in the dead of winter :P )! I've also thrown in a couple of brighter shades just so it wasn't all pastel! Let's go!

A pop of peachy-pink is a staple for me no matter what the season! Perfect Posy is just one of the many in my collection. It's quite bright and medium in depth - very spring appropriate and it looks great on the toes as well. The Rimmel Super Gel formula is nice and really long lasting! I usually need three coats for this shade - it's still a teensy bit streaky with two, but that just means the end result is thick and shiny!

Essie Splash of Grenadine
This is looking darker than I remember - seems to dry darker on the nail than in the bottle! Anyway, Splash of Grenadine is a gorgeous purple-lilac shade. I'm obsessed with these kind of purply-pinks and this one is super wearable! Lovely formula as well, opaque in two coats! My only niggle with Essie polishes is that they are slightly thin and prone to chipping a little easier, though still fairly long lasting!

Essie Go Ginza
Ya - I've been loving the Essie polishes. If there's something they do well, it's pastel polishes. Go Ginza is a super pale lavender shade that is to gorgeous! I'm a sucker for these almost-white shades! I really want to get my hands on Virgin Snow that everyone keeps raving about, but I'm afraid that I have too many similar shades! :P For a pastel, the formula of this is really good, I can get away with two coats!

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Eat My Dust*
I think I've decided this is my favourite pastel blue - it's basically perfect! It's pale and has a slight grey quality, but it's still milky and bright! The formula is pretty good. It's pigmented but can have the tendency to streak so I used three coats. I can't exactly tell if this is really quick drying, but it does the job! I've been meaning to check out more of Barry M's polishes - especially the Gelly ones!

Chillato is definitely one of the more unique shades in my collection - and I love it! I like to describe it as a "yellow mint". It's a pale pastel green shade, but instead of being super blue toned like a lot of mint polishes, it has a distinct yellow tone that I think makes it look fresh, crisp and...salad-y. Again, you can use two coats but three evens it out really well and helps it last longer!

What are your favourite nail polishes for spring? Hit em up with them pastels!

*Products sent for consideration. 

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