Dripping in Gold

I was meant to post this yesterday for "Smelly Sunday" (what a throwback series! If you know remotely what I'm on about - you da real OG) but time got away from me so...here we are on Musky Monday? (no.) Anyway, I haven't done a fragrance dedicated post in aaaages just because I'm pretty terrible at describing scents, I don't really switch up my perfumes much and if I'm loving one, I typically mention it in a favourites post. I figured I would throw together a post for this particular perfume though, because it's pretty great and it photographs so well! You've probably seen it all over Instagram for that reason :P It's Calvin Klein's newest limited edition unisex fragrance, ck one gold*.

First off, you absolutely cannot go past the bottle! It's gorgeous! It looks like a little liquor bottle or something (has a screw top but it comes with a spray top). The dripping gold doesn't look tacky at all (*cough* Kylie *cough*) and it looks elegant and chic, whilst still being somewhat "grungy". It's beautiful though, literally looks like it's been dipped in molten gold!

The fragrance itself is described as juicy, fresh and woody with top notes of fig, bergamot and sage, middle notes of neroli, violet and jasmine, and bottom notes of vetiver, guaiac wood and patchouli. From what I can tell, it is quite a fresh, woody scent (I don't detect much "juicy-ness" or floral tones) that feels quite sophisticated and mature (not mature as in old lady but mature as in...classy). It's lightweight and non-offensive and definitely works for day and night. While I can definitely see a guy wearing this, it does smell a bit more "feminine" to me. Then again, I don't have vast experience in sniffing dudes or their cologne :P. It is an eau de toilette but I actually find it to last really well throughout the day with the scent still lingering after a long day!

So far I'm really enjoying this fragrance - it's definitely something different in my collection but still totally wearable and lovely! Definitely give it a sniff!

*Product sent for consideration. 

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