A Melted Merry Kissmas

I didn't get too many Christmas sets this year, but I was lucky enough to receive the Too Faced Melted Merry Kissmas Liquified Lipstick Set as a secret santa gift at a bloggers Christmas party (excellently organised by Dani and Kate - thanks gals!). I figured I should pop up a review sooner rather than later seeing as this set is limited edition - but if you like what you see, the featured shades are all permanent! I should say thank you to Maddie whose secret santa gift this was part of, but also to Sarah who actually stole this gift from me but let me keep this portion of it because she saw how devo I was haha. She's a sweetie ;) So technically, my real secret santa gift was a soap giftset from Lush which was also lovely. That santa remains a secret though - but thank you too! Anyway - let's dive into the review!

L-R: Chocolate Honey, Chihuahua, Fig and Lady Balls

The set comes with one Melted Chocolate liquid lipstick in Chocolate Honey, two Melted Liquified Lipsticks in Chihuahua and Fig and one Melted Matte in Lady Balls. The set retails for $36 but I believe it contains $41 worth of product which is a pretty good deal! For minis though they contain a really solid amount of product - they'll definitely last me a while! The Melteds are packaged in tubes with a fuzzy tip. I would've probably prefered a doe foot wand just to avoid the messiness and provide a more precise application, but this works fine. The Melted Matte has a doe foot wand which works well. I really like the packaging of this one actually - the name is embossed on and feels quite luxe!

The Melted Liquified Lipsticks are essentially very pigmented lipglosses. For some reason, when I first opened these and swatched them, they were very oily, almost like they had separated in the tube. They seemed quite oily for a few squeezes after too, which is why they look so shiny in my swatches. On the lips, they're not as shiny, but they definitely have a slight gloss which does wear off quite quickly. While they are very pigmented, they're not crazy pigmented and they can still be applied sheerly and worked into the lips. They feel super lightweight and like a balmy gloss on the lips. They're very comfortable and non-drying. I was nervous that these would be prone to smearing or bleeding, but they wear really well with just normal everyday activity! They definitely do fade with eating and drinking, but ultimately for their formula - lasting power is great! The regular Melteds have a subtle sweet vanilla-ish scent, while the Melted Chocolate has a (you guessed it) chocolate-y smell but it's like that artificial chocolate smell - almost like chico baby lollies. I dunno - I'm not the biggest fan haha. Thankfully though, the scent doesn't linger for long. 

I've been curious about the Melted Mattes and apparently the formula can vary between shades (from what I've heard through the grapevine). Since their launch though they haven't gotten too much hype which is interesting! In the scheme of things, Too Faced's formula is more on the moussey side and is therefore one of those matte liquid lipsticks that feels a bit more comfortable on the lips but can be prone to transferring. It does set to a completely matte finish, but it doesn't set to that complete concrete matte dry finish. It definitely still transfers and will get on your chin when you eat! That being said, it lasts really well throughout the day, only really fading during eating and when it does it fades really flatteringly. I'd probably say I'm more partial to matte liquid lipsticks that set completely and are transfer-proof, but for nude shades I definitely like a formula like this that is much more comfortable on the lips and non-drying!

Chocolate Honey is a darker brown-toned nude. A very wearable, everyday shade that looks very natural on my skintone!

Chihuahua is a lovely medium warm, mauvey pink shade. Super wearable, very MLBB-ish and just a lovely shade!

Fig is a shade I've been wanting to try for ages! It's a really gorgeous mauvey violet shade that is noticeably purple, but definitely toned down and very wearable.

Lady Balls is your classic cool-toned red. Very bold and impactful. I will also add that this one stains quite strongly!

Overall - all very solid lipsticks! I'm so glad I finally got the opportunity to try these (I swear I've been after the Melteds for years!) and will possibly look into some other shades...!

Have you tried any products from Too Faced's Melted range? What were your thoughts?

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