What I've Been Watching #6

'Tis the season to binge watch all the shows. I haven't done one of these posts in a while so I have a few shows that I watched a while ago that I haven't spoken about yet that are definitely worth talking about! As usual, most of them are from Netflix :P  [I'm actually republishing this because I flailed and forgot to include two shows that I had to talk about!]

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
We waited so long for the revival to come, and then it went just like *that*! Seriously, I watched this in the span of two or so days (I would've done it in one if I wasn't working) and to be honest, I have mixed feelings! As you guys know, I absolutely love the original series. I didn't necessarily grow up with it, I just remember it being on TV when I was little, but since it came onto Netflix I decided to give it a watch and fell in love! A Year in the Life wasn't bad but I guess I was just so HYPE for the revival that I was left a little disappointed overall, and VERY disappointed in that ending... I loved the nostalgia of the series, and seeing all of the characters come back together with their quirks and the quirks of Stars Hollow. I was also SO emosh - especially in Lorelai's wild moment - man I CRIIIEDD. The overall feel of the show is the same but just new and shiny and I loved that. I thoroughly enjoyed the arcs of Lorelai and Emily but was really disappointed with Rory's and her character in general. Some of her actions are definitely questionable and seem out of character, but I guess looking at her in the original series she's always done questionable things... Well, she's never been my favourite character - that's for sure! I also wish some of the other characters got more solid arcs like Lane and Jess but they were only really there to add context for the Gilmores which is understandable but still sad haha. Paris was a STUNNA tho. I can't really get into it without spoilers so I'll leave it at that. I'm not sure if they are doing more seasons, I think it's possible! I do want closure but at the same time...maybe it's had its run!

The Crown
I totally wasn't intending on watching this but I saw that it was getting so many rave reviews that I thought, why not! After all, I have faith in Netflix Originals - they've never let me down! The Crown is about the British royal family and Queen Elizabeth (the second?)'s early reign. Although I have minimal interest in the royals, I have next to no knowledge so I actually found it kind of interesting! I think the show was really well done and SO beautiful! I loved the music and the costumes, it was so elegant and wonderful to watch. But yes, I became quite intrigued with the royal family and got more of an up close insight. There was quite a bit of family drama which kept the show quite riveting and not boring like I thought it might've been. I also found the episode about the Great Smog so interesting because I had literally no idea that happened.  Definitely worth a watch!

Luke Cage
I watched this aaaaages ago, basically marathoned and finished a couple of days after it came out (as I always do with Marvel Netflix series :P ). By now you guys MUST know how obsessed I am with the Marvel Netflix series. They are seriously QUALITY TV and a must watch. I wasn't so hyped for Luke Cage, but that actually set my expectations a little lower so I really enjoyed it! It still probably ranks last on my list (Jessica jones first, then season 2 of Daredevil followed by season 1), but I think that's just my personal preference. Plot wise, it was super strong and had some really amazing characters. Set in Harlem, it's about Luke Cage who has unbreakable skin and super strength and his efforts to save his city, essentially. It also delves into his origin story. It has some powerful messages about black culture which although don't resonate with me personally, they were definitely impactful. Nooow to get hype for Iron Fist in March!

The Fall
Another show I had in the back of my mind but wasn't planning on watching. My parents are very much into crime shows, it's almost all that they watch, so I put this on for them and found myself glued to the TV too! It's a show about a detective and her hunt for a serial killer. It goes very deep into the two characters and it's very intriguing, riveting and meticulous. I found it so interesting but also disturbing as they really analyse and focus on the killer, how he kills, why, etc. At times it can feel a bit drawn out and a bit long to get to the point but I also think that adds to how "realistic" it is in how the detectives work on the case and the actual process of catching him. It's dramatic, dark and quite intense but one that I totally recommend to anyone who likes crime shows! I found season three a bit disappointing, especially the ending, but I loved seasons one and two.

The season finale was yesterday and a lot of loose ends were finally tied up! Overall, I enjoyed this show but think it was a bit hyped up. Westworld is a futuristic sci-fi western about a wild west themed park in which all of the characters inside are robots to whom the visitors can do anything. The premise sure is intriguing and visually, the show is amazing. The effects are awesome and the landscape is beautiful. The acting is also impeccable! The plot is complicated and intricate but I think it could have been executed better. I found many of the episodes to just feel very long and drawn out and meandered before finally getting to the point we all knew was going to happen. I felt some characters' storylines just stalled because the other storylines weren't up to them yet - if you know what I mean. I think a season of eight episodes would've made the show more concise and riveting. The last episode was quite intense though and did bring a lot together though so hopefully future seasons will have a more exciting, action-packed and focused plot.

Black Mirror
The new Netflix season of Black Mirror was released recently and got a lot of hype so I made an effort to watch from the beginning! I'd actually already watched one of the episodes ('Be Right Back') because Domhnall Gleeson was in it and I was going through a Domhnall ~phase~ and I thoroughly enjoyed it and was hella intrigued. Basically, Black Mirror is an anthology series where each episode is completely unrelated to the others. It's a dark satire about technology and how it may affect us in the future. Some of the episodes are a bit disturbing, at times because it's completely outlandish, but in other instances because it's so scarily true and the direction in which we're heading. I mean, us bloggers and instagrammers are already living in a 'Nosedive' world. It's absolutely captivating and the twists and turns are seriously shocking. I really enjoyed basically every episode, though there are a few that are a bit pointless (imo). It's probably not a show for everyone, but if you can get through the first episode (it's a cracker), you'll love it! ;P

Let me know your thoughts on any of these shows so we can DISCUSS! Also, let me know what you've been watching lately!

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