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When my friend Tam jetted off on her rather spontaneous trip to the US, I knew I had to get her to snag me some goodies. Even though I went on a trip to the US this year myself (and hauled quite a bit)...new things come out and my wishlist is forever growing! That being said, I actually didn't have a very long shopping list and surprisingly nothing from Sephora (shocker!). Well, I did want the Sephora Favourites highlighter set but that was sold out :( Funnily enough, this is the second time Tam has gotten me stuff from the US and the second time I've documented it! My first haul was one of my first posts on here and I'm sure you can tell my taste in makeup has grown exponentially... :P Ah what a noob I was back then. Anyways, many thanks to Tam for bringing this stuff back for me! Keep reading to see what I picked up.

Maybelline Colour Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipsticks in Grey Over It and Gone Greige
I wasn't too adventurous with my drugstore buys, but I decided to get a couple of the Maybelline Loaded Bolds since I love the creamy mattes so much. Surprise, surprise - I opted for the two grey-ish shades. I've just been really into these cool tones, no matter how unflattering they might be on me. Grey Over It is a dark grey-toned brown, similar to the shades I picked up from Colourpop and NYX. Gone Greige is a lighter grey-toned beige (no duh). The formula is very creamy, smooth and pigmented but lightweight. The finish is sort of satin, not as matte as their creamy mattes but there's no overt shine to them. Very comfortable on the lips! Apparently these are coming to Australia in...February(?) so hopefully we get the full range of shades!

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals
I nearly didn't get this since it was quite hard to find but luckily Tam made an online Wet n Wild order (yay!). I wanted this way back when I was in the US in February but I couldn't find it at all then either. Luckily they made it permanent though, because this is a damn gorgeous highlighter! It's a pinky-champagne shade with a metallic sheen that isn't too intense, but could probably be built up. The texture is really nice too, not chunky, chalky or glittery at all! The embossing is so pretty too!

Morphe M527 
I also had this on my wishlist for my trip but didn't end up buying it because it is actually kinda expensive. I figured I would go for it this time though since I wasn't spending too much moolah. It's one of those large flat paddle brushes that I plan to use for bronzer. The bristles are quite soft, but I feel they could be softer! 

MAC Mocha and Spirit lipsticks (both satin)
I actually didn't think I wanted any MAC lipsticks but then I got to looking up swatches and....ya gurl just got caught up. These two are ones I haven't heard much about but looked really nice online. They're both satin which I've tried before - it's a creamy, very pigmented finish that has enough of a sheen to be comfortable on the lips (but eventually looks matte). Mocha is a medium warm, peachy nude shade. Most of my peachy nudes are quite brown (this one is too) but it has a bit more of an orangey pull. Spirit is a brown nude with a slight cool tone. I saw Lily Pebbles talking about this recently and it piqued my interest. With as many nudes as I have, it's surprising that I actually don't have anything exactly like this (I don't think...).

MAC Patina and Sumptuous Olive eyeshadows
Since MAC dropped their eyeshadow pan prices to $6 each, I thought this was my chance to get a couple! In my experience, MAC shadows aren't the best. Their pigmentation is average or slightly better, and they have a very dry texture. That being said, they have some great shades. I probably wouldn't go out and make a whole palette of them, but for $6 each it's worth getting a couple I think! (Definitely not the outrageous $32 they charge here). Patina is a shade I've wanted for literally years. It's similar to Burberry Pale Barley, in that it's a light kind of a beige-straw type shade but it has a cool subtle shimmer that is almost duochrome. So difficult to explain but it's really pretty, understated and chic. Sumptuous Olive is a golden olive shade that is really pretty but I do wish it was more green just so I can add interest to my eyeshadow collection haha. It's still a lovely shade that I know I'll use though!

So there's my rather modest haul. I really didn't go ham but yeah, I just didn't feel an overwhelming urge to get stuff! Plus - I was a bit lazy in doing my research haha. Let me know what you think of the stuff I grabbed! Thanks again to Tam and, until next time US!

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