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Ah...remember coconut oil? The miracle product that had everyone slathering it all over their bodies and swilling it in their mouths? Turns out, it actually is good for something - skincare! It just won't solve all of your problems ;) . Not too long ago, Kelapa Organics popped up on my radar; a Melbourne-born brand that is 100% natural, uses organic ingredients, is cruelty free and has environmentally friendly packaging. Their hero ingredient is, of course, coconut oil which explains their name 'Kelapa' which means coconut in Indonesian, as Tannya very helpfully pointed out! They very generously gifted me three products to try out; the Cream Cleanser, Face Oil and Night Cream which I have been using for the past few months and am here to share my thoughts on!

A good cream cleanser is an absolute staple in my routine and this one fits the bill perfectly! It has a lightweight creamy consistency that leaves the skin feeling clean but not at all dry. I wouldn't say it's the most heavy-duty cleanser and I probably wouldn't use it to remove makeup. It's very gentle (as described) and I find it works best as either a second cleanse, or a morning cleanse to refresh the skin! If you want to get a bit more action out of this cleanser, I would recommend using it with a face cloth to up exfoliation! All the products I've tried have a similar scent which is all natural considering they're free from synthetic fragrances. It's slightly coconut-y (duh) with a hint of something else. For someone who kind of hates the scent of coconut, I don't mind this one!

You guys know I'm a sucker for a good face oil! I use oils every morning and night no matter the season! They are an absolute skin saviour! Kelapa's offering is an oil blend containing almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil (of course), rosehip oil and vitamin E. A very simple mix but each certainly has their purpose! While I have tried a lot of different face oils, this is definitely a good 'un. I use three drops which is enough to sufficiently oil up my face and have it plump and moisturised, but I find it absorbs very well and doesn't feel thick, heavy or greasy. In terms of lasting effects, I feel like it's as good as any other. My skin has been very smooth, soft and hydrated with virtually no dry patches. My acne scars and hyperpigmentation are still on the road to fading so I think this has helped as much as it can. 

I've spoken about this already in a favourites post and I'm definitely still loving it! It has almost a whipped-butter consistency that melts and absorbs into the skin so easily, without feeling heavy or greasy. It feels really lightweight, yet ultra-moisturising and you don't need to use a lot of product! My skin feels soft, supple and very well moisturised. Alongside coconut oil, aloe vera is the other main ingredient which probably explains why it's so soothing and nice-feeling on the skin!

Kelapa Organics is a brand I'm thoroughly enjoying and has made me appreciate the benefits of coconut oil - without having to use the oil straight (thank gawd)! 

*Products sent for consideration

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