My Top 6 Movies of 2016

To continue with rounding up my favourite things from 2016, today I'm coming at you with my favourite movies from last year! I had so much fun writing up this post for 2015 that I had to do it again! I watched quite a few movies last year, but I actually had a bit of trouble formulating this list. I think a lot of the movies I saw were pretty average, or good at best. There were, however, definitely a few standouts that I have to tell you guys about! As always, I'm no film critic and these are just the movies I enjoyed watching the most in 2016! I also haven't seen all the movies I wanted to yet - I really want to watch Arrival which is apparently v good, and The Edge of Seventeen! Warning, this post may be rambly... :P

I have sooo much love for this movie. If you guys don't know by now...I'm a sucker for Disney's animated movies. They just KNOW how to hit me in the feels. I mean, even the little shorts that play before the movies GET me. Seriously though, Zootopia is an amazing movie. At its base, this film is about following your dreams and being resilient even when everyone tells you you can't achieve them. Beyond that though, this movie holds a deeper meaning that really resonated with me, about defying stereotypes and learning not to judge people based on their social group, or in the case of the film, breed of animal. It's funny, adorable, clever and beautifully animated. Thoroughly recommend!

Now, now... you knew this would be on my list. This list is in no particular order, but Civil War was definitely my favourite movie of the year! Honestly I could write an entire post on this movie, but I'll try to keep it short! Civil War centres around the "Sokovia Accords" which are basically rules and regulations dictating when superheroes should be put into action, and that they should be held accountable for their actions. Captain America and Iron Man then have opposing views leading to the...dun dUN DUUUUN CIVIL WAR.  Although this film manages to pack in the most characters in a Marvel movie to date, it doesn't feel overstuffed or crammed to the point where the story feels disconnected. Every character has their moment and relevance to the plot. The tension between Cap and Iron Man is palpable and their conflict is very believable! The plot is complex and the audience sees the validity of both sides and flip-flops from team to team. Although I'm team Cap through and through (just cos), I saw Iron Man's point of view and was momentarily on his team before flopping back to Cap. Although it is a superhero movie, I definitely saw the underlying political plot to be very applicable and relevant to our world! Captain America: Civil War is hella action packed, funny and supremely entertaining! Plus, there's an amazing scene of Chris holding back a helicopter...hello biceps.

This was an unexpected favourite. I'd heard it was really good but I didn't think it would make my list! It's basically about a kid and his foster dad who end up on the run embarking on an unexpected, mischievous adventure. I found it absolutely hilarious, witty and adorable too. The relationship between the two main characters is very real feeling and super cute! The story progression is heart-warming and just a really enjoyable film to watch! It makes me suuuper excited for Thor: Ragnarok which Taika Waititi is directing!

A latecomer in the year (technically I watched this in 2017) but one that I absolutely loved. There's definitely a reason why it's getting so much award buzz! La La Land is about two struggling artists (one a musician and the other an actress) following their dreams in the land of Hollywood. It's a musical though I find the songs to be charming rather than cringe-worthy. I actually really loved the songs and I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot! The music really does make this film special though as certain themes are reprised and take you back to those key moments of the movie! I'm a sucker for a good romance and the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is undeniable (I freaking loved them in Crazy, Stupid, Love too!). The development of their relationship is adorable and actually had me grinning! It's also a beautiful film too - super colourful and although it's set in modern day, it really has an old Hollywood feel to it. It just reminds my how much I love Emma Stone (I guess we can forget Aloha ever happened...) and how funny Ryan Gosling can be!

As far as superhero movies go, I actually wasn't crazy excited for this one. Though, to be honest, their marketing campaign really hooked me. Talk about some hilarious ads! Deadpool was like a slap in the face in terms of superhero movies (in a good way). It was so refreshingly different! Even from the opening credits I knew it was going to be hilarious. I wasn't overly familiar with the character in the comics, but from what I hear they really did him justice in the film and stuck to the source material! It's funny and action-packed, but fair warning - it won't be for everyone!

And rounding out my list is another Disney film! Honestly, they can do no wrong. Moana, firstly, is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It's set in the Polynesian Islands and wow - the animation is breathtaking! It follows Moana, the chief's daughter, and her yearning to explore the ocean. Her adventure has her teaming up with the demigod Maui voiced by The Rock (who knew he could sing?!). The story is simple, yet captivating and has absolutely wonderful music!

I have high hopes for the movies this year - three Marvel movies has me PUMPED! Also really excited for Gifted, love me some Chris Evans and 10/10 I'm gonna cry. Let me know what movies you guys loved from 2016!

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