Two More MAC Nudes

My MAC lipstick collection doesn't often grow (thanks to the ridic markup here), but when it does, it's probably a new nude shade. If there's a brand that knows nudes, it's MAC. That being said, their entire shade range is pretty incredible! I managed to get my hands on two new (to my collection) nude shades thanks to my friend's recent trip to the US! I got Mocha and Spirit which aren't new shades, but they're definitely ones that haven't received much hype in the beauty community! I thought it would be worthwhile to share my thoughts and some swatches!

L-R: Mocha, Spirit


Both shades have a satin formula which I've tried before and quite enjoy. Overall it feels and looks quite matte with a slight moisturised sheen that quickly wears away. That being said, it doesn't feel super hydrating (but isn't uncomfortable on the lips). It feels quite stiff in the tube and isn't very creamy when applied. The formula is extremely opaque and only needs one or two swipes for full colour. Lasting power is pretty great but due to these being nude shades they will fade away after eating. The satin formula is nice but not my favourite! I prefer MAC's matte formula as it has a more matte finish but a similar stiff yet slightly creamy texture. 

Mocha is a very warm terracotta nude. On me, it's more colourful than I anticipated and the orange does pull through. That being said, it's still very wearable and much like a my lips but better but orangier haha. I did see swatches of this one on deeper skintones and it made for a gorgeous nude!

Spirit is an unexpected favourite! It's a darker greige nude colour that isn't like anything in my collection. It errs on the cool side without being overly pink or grey. It's definitely a wearable way to experiment with cooler toned lips. I still think it's quite flattering on me too even with my yellow-toned skin so I think it would definitely suit a range of different skintones!

I'm thoroughly enjoying both of these shades and definitely recommend you guys check them out if you haven't heard much about them! As you guys can see, my little lipstick holder of MAC lippies is full so I don't think I'll be purchasing any more for a little while! At least until someone can get me more from the US... :P

What do you guys think of these shades? Which MAC nudes are your favourites?

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