Like Music to My Ears #7

It's been a looooong time since my last music post, which is a bit unfortunate really! I tend to like to do these as round ups of albums I've been listening to - I'm the kind of person who listens to whole albums on repeat until I get tired of them - and not a lot of albums have really hooked me in the past six-ish months. That being said, there have been a few really good new releases and some artists I've just discovered! Plus! It's music festival season so I thought y'all might want some recs ;) Lately I've just been really enjoying listening to the Triple J hitlist which is where I tend to keep up to date with new music and discover new peeps!

Milky Chance Blossom
I'd never really gotten into Milky Chance - I really, really liked their singles but I never listened to their first album (oops, I should do that), but I decided to listen to their new album and I love it! They have a really unique sound (alternative rock, folk, reggae (?!)) - that jangly guitar and those interesting vocals. I don't love all their songs but they're fun to listen to, are laidback and add a bit of spice to my playlists. 

Client Liaison Diplomatic Immunity
I'm actually a bit sad that I only recently discovered these guys! They've got some serious bangers and I just love their ~vibes~. They have a whole 80's, real Australian, political vibe to them that I think is super cool and quite hilarious. They recently teamed up with Marvel for a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 competition which was such an odd/random pairing but it makes sense and I love it. Their genre is indie pop and they have a really retro sound that I unexpectedly love and they're just fun to jig to. A lot of their songs have Aussie references and like, Australian animal sounds and I don't know why but I dig it a lot and I think it's funny and cool :P

Glades This is What it's Like
I'm also a bit devo that I just found these guys too! I stumbled upon them because I'm going to a Boo Seeka concert (this Friday!) and Glades are supporting so I gave them a listen and it was love at first listen. They have a very Broods-y sound - alternative-indie-synth-ish and a similar female vocalist. Their songs are just jiggy and catchy and fun to listen to. They're just my vibes, y'know? 

Methyl Ethel Everything is Forgotten
Similarly to Milky Chance, I'd never really gotten into Methyl Ethel but enjoyed their previous singles. I think I listened to their debut album once - should give it another go hey. I really do enjoy their latest album though, I really love their sound and I think it's quite unique. It's indie pop though I want to say it's kind of folky too. I'd describe it as being ethereal but also kind of psychedelic? So difficult to describe, but they're an easy listen and good for background music I'd say. 

Again, here I am hella supporting the Aussies - 3/4 woo! I've also been loving Oh Wonder and Meg Mac's new stuff. So keen for both of their albums! I'm so devo that I'm not going to Splendour in the Grass, and no one's doing ANY Brisbane sideshows - WAAAH. Don't talk to me about it.

Anyway, what tunes have you guys been jamming out to lately?

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