Like Music to My Ears #8

I'm back from my mini holiday! It was really fun and I had a great time in Melbourne! Also, I was more successful at skiing this time around! I did really suck the first day and stacked it a few more times than I should have, but the second day was much better and I actually enjoyed it! I thought it was about due time for a music post though because I don't know about you guys, but when I travel I listen to a lot of music! It was a bit of a road trip to the ski fields! ;) Also, there's been a lot of new music lately, and more new music to come so probably expect another of these in the next month or two. Let's dive in!

Paramore After Laughter
Funnily enough, Paramore, Lorde and Katy Perry all released their last albums in 2013, and then all happened to release their newest albums within the same month or two (Haim too! I'll probably talk about their album in the next post). Four years is a long time so I was revelling in finally getting new music from all of them! Paramore is a band I've been a fan of for YEARS - since Misery Business days ay. Their style has changed a lot over the years with the coming and going of band members, but After Laughter is the biggest change yet I'd say. They've definitely departed the "pop-punk" genre, and their new music is a lot more boppy. It's different but I thoroughly enjoy it and really love all but one (No Friend is NOT my friend) of the songs. I think the best way to describe them now is alternative rock with a bit of a pop-y vibe. 

Airling Hard to Sleep, Easy to Dream
I haven't been following Airling for long, but I absolutely loved the singles she released this year in the lead up to this album. As for the album itself, I really like it but still think the singles were the best songs. She is quite indie and has very soft, light and airy (hah) vocals. Her music is just very chill but still has a strong beat and is so lovely to listen to. 

Lorde Melodrama
Lorde's first album was one of my favourites so I was highly anticipating the release of her second. To be honest, on first listen I wasn't terribly impressed! I think I was a bit underwhelmed to see that there were only 11 songs (which is basically only 10 because Liability is reprised) after waiting for so long for new music. That being said - like most things - after I listened to it a few more times, it really grew on me. I also really adore the lyrics and can totally feel the emotion that went into this record! Her music style hasn't changed much since her first album which I'm happy about, but I also would've liked to hear some different vibes from her! I do really like a lot of the songs (the slower ones don't grab me as much), but I'm going to see her in concert later this year which I'm excited about! 

Katy Perry Witness
Now, I've been a KP fan for years - since her first album One of the Boys (which is still probably my favourite) and I've seen her in concert twice, so I think I'll always have a soft spot for her. I'm definitely not as avid a fan as I used to be, but I still enjoy her music and like her as a person - I think she's copped a lot of flack recently for absolutely no reason! I also thought the 72 hour livestream she did for Witness's release was crazy but also quite cool. Anyway, Witness is probably my least favourite album of hers but it still has some good, guilty-pleasure pop songs. Over the years, her style has definitely changed. Part of the reason I loved One of the Boys so much was because it was more pop rock and it felt a bit more authentic. Witness is much more synthesised and has less emphasis on the vocals I feel...which is a bit of a shame! Regardless, like I said - there are some good, catchy guilty-pleasure bops on here!


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