Monthly Favourites // July 2017

Back at the monthly favourites! In terms of products, July was fairly uneventful for me! Since I was away for the first week and a bit, I was really using the same products, and when I got back I was pretty boring and lazed around at home meaning not a stitch of makeup was worn! Now that I'm back at uni, I'll be out and about more and back to experimenting with products. It also means I'm back to being super busy and preoccupied with study and work! :( I do have a few notable products to share with you guys for this month though, so let's get into them!

Though originally limited edition from Holiday last year, this palette had a restock fairly recently so I thought it was worth mentioning again. It's still firmly a favourite of mine, and one that I reach for really often - the shade selection has basically everything you would need and that makes it perfect for an everyday eye look. When I don't know what to use or can't be bothered to think about it, I always reach for this! I took it away with me on my 10 day trip to Melbourne and it served me well. First of all, it's pretty small and very thin so great for travelling. Like I said, it has such an amazing range of wearable shades, but also a good amount of versatility with warm and cool tones, everyday natural shades and deeper smoky plums. The formula on the mattes is so good and while the shimmers could be better - they still look amazing on!

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream in Ginger
Again, a mainstay in my collection that I don't talk about terribly often. It's my go-to tinted moisturiser for no fuss makeup days. I took this and my Cover FX Custom Cover Drops on my trip so I had both a light base, and a more full coverage option (and anything in between depending on how many drops of the Cover FX I used). This stuff is just so lovely on the skin - very natural and dewy looking, but not overly greasy. The coverage is light/fairly buildable but definitely offers more than just a 'tint'. 

Essence Silky Touch Blush in Summer Dreaming
Now this one I definitely don't think I've mentioned on the blog before. It can tend to be forgotten amongst my many peachy-pink blushes, but I decided to take this on my trip because the packaging is just so small and compact, and the shade is really flattering and complementary to basically any look. It differs from other peachy-pinks as it's on the pale side and has a really soft golden sheen/shimmer to it (emphasis on soft!). It gives an ethereal, pretty, pale-but-flattering flush to the skin. The formula is really nice and blendable, and has a good level of pigment that it's fool-proof really! Such a great bargain buy. 

Physiogel Calming Relief Cream
A bit of a ...different favourite but like a lot of people, during winter my (body) skin gets so dry to the point that it can get itchy and rashy. It was especially bad in Melbourne where the air is just so much drier! I ended up getting a bit of an irritation on my legs, so as soon as I got home I slathered this stuff on, and it cleared right up within a few days! What a saviour! It's very similar to sorbolene cream - it's just a thick lotion that really moisturises and soothes. I would confine this to only irritated areas as it doesn't really moisturise in the normal sense - it definitely soothes irritated skin but doesn't make it feel nice and smooth and soft like a typical lotion haha. 

The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%
I finally have my hands on a The Ordinary product! And I am looooving it! Totally looking forward to buying up a storm in the Priceline skincare sale this week. I ended up purchasing the retinoid first because it's something I've been wanting to try for ages, and that I didn't have in my routine. I opted for the 2% as it is supposedly less irritating than the 1% which is pure retinol. The 2% - although stronger - is a different strain(?) that isn't completely pure, and is somehow less irritating to the skin. I've been using this every second night and haven't experienced any adverse reaction which I'm happy about! Though it's only been a few weeks so I haven't noticed major results, but I do feel my skin is smoother after use and somewhat more even. I'm hoping over time it will help with scarring and evening my skin texture!

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