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Despite being someone who is constantly taking photos of my food and my dog (and other random crap), I don't remember the last time I actually printed any of those photos. I think being part of a generation where photos are so easily accessible on your phone and online, I've lost the appreciation for actually having physical photos on display! When Printiki reached out to me and offered to print some of my photos - I jumped at the chance and thought it would be a great opportunity to jazz up my room and have my favourite photos on display!

Printiki makes printing photos super easy. Gone are the days of going to Kmart with your USB to a photo printing kiosk (I mean, to be honest, do those even still exist??). Being online, you can easily upload your photos to the website to be printed from not only your computer or phone, but also Facebook, Instagram and Google Drive/One Drive. There are a number of sizes to choose from - square or rectangular - and various border options. 

I went for the square M with a white border and matte finish. I chose a few of my favourite Instagram photos, some snaps from past holidays, and of course, too many of my doggo. I also got some from my sister's wedding printed, because it was such a photogenic event ;) As an aside, if you'd like to see more from my sister's wedding (besides the makeup that I did on her) you can check out this feature that wedding blog Nouba did on it! It was pretty exciting to be featured on such a prominent wedding blog (and I was even credited as the makeup artist! HA!). But yeah, in case you were interested, there are heaps more details and photos of the wedding there and all the DIY projects we did that turned out awesomely!

I've got my photos pegged up on this grid from Kmart (which I saw on Jennifer's blog. I totally thought it looked like it was from a more expensive place but nope! Kmart bringing the goods as usual). Like I said, I really didn't have any physical photos up in my room before this, so it is really nice looking up and seeing these every morning and night! They definitely add a stylish, personal and sentimental touch. I also love that I can easily change up the photos/arrangement without having to fiddle with a photo frame. Also, that way in the future I can easily keep adding new photos!

Even though I still love scrolling through my phone's camera roll to relive memories, it is lovely having them right in front of me too! If you guys would like to give Printiki a go, I've got the code "ZJYQ9TFW" that will give you guys free shipping!

*Photo prints were gifted to me by Printiki. 

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