Like Music to My Ears #10

New music time! It seems I have settled into a bit of a pattern with my music and tv show favourites - every three months I manage to amass a bundle of current faves to share with you guys. Seeing as I posted about my recent TV show binges last week, it seems only natural that my music faves follow soon after! I happen to have a really eclectic mix of genres and artists this time around - if I do say so myself! 

Sam Smith The Thrill of it All
Sam's long awaited second album! I am a massive fan of his first album, and have seen him in concert. His voice is incredible and truly unlike any other! Of course - you guys have probably heard his music before, but if you're unfamiliar, his genre is pop with a soul vibe. His voice and style very much reminds me of "church" music - but in a good way (maybe that has to do with the ~religious~ themes in his music hahah)! I'd say his music is unlike any other artist who is popular right now - it almost feels nostalgic. I would still say I prefer his debut In the Lonely Hour, but The Thrill of it All is a strong follow up album!

George Maple Lover
I'm in love (ha!) with George Maple's debut album! She is touring with Lorde so I'll be seeing her live this Thursday and I'm pretty excited! I've known of George for a while, and it felt like she was ever so gradually trickling out music. I was super pumped for her album and as a whole, it's a lovely listening experience. Her genre is a little difficult to describe - definitely indie-pop with some electronic/synth in there. I love her voice tho - it's soft and a little wispy, and coupled with the beat and music style, her songs feel like they have a little element of "epicness" if you know what I mean. They're pretty easy to get lost in and just have a "floaty" jam too. Those are the words I'm sticking with... :P

Kim Churchill Weight_Falls
Of the bunch, I've been listening to this album the longest - it came out back in August - and I still ain't sick of it! Kim Churchill's genre is mainly folk, and I dig it. I love his voice - it's kinda rugged, very bluesy and just melds with the guitar so well. It's the kinda music that makes me want to be like a beachy boho chick who is like carefree and free-spirited lmao. 

PNAU Changa
The latest album from musical genius Nick Littlemore & Co. Chameleon was a straight banger from last year so I was excited for this album! And it turns out, every song on this album is a straight banger! They are dance/electronica and according to Google "wonky pop". I didn't even know "wonky pop" was an actual genre but apparently it is and I can't argue with it. There's definitely a "wonky" vibe to them! Much like Touch Sensitive - which I will talk about next - I love this sort of music in the background.

Touch Sensitive Visions
I was not super familiar with Touch Sensitive, but fell in love with his track Lay Down. I was super excited for his debut album and it does not disappoint - I honest jam out to every single song. His genre is certainly dance/electronica and has varying vocalists on each track. This is the kind of music I really like to study to because it's repetitive (in a good way) without too many lyrics to get distracted by. Also allows for incremental breaks for a bit of a seat dance/jam!

Taylor Swift Reputation
Well, well, well - she made it on my list. Now, I'm a self-professed NON-Swiftie. I dooooon't like her! I mean, I'm sure she's a great person, but the way she has perfectly constructed her public image rubs me the wrong way, and I really enjoyed the facade being ripped away in the Kim and Kanye scandal - muahahah. But anyway, as much as I dislike her - I can't deny that her music is DAMN catchy. What can I say - she's my guilty pleasure. As much as I wanted to hate the first couple of singles she released...I really liked them. Her new "style" is oddly much more up my alley. It's straight pop, catchy-ass music and I jive with it. Now of course she's annoying and hasn't put her album on Spotify so I can't add her songs to my playlist, so just fyi, my fave songs off the album are Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Getaway Car, End Game and King of My Heart. Although I pretty much like every song except This is why we can't have nice things and New Year's Day.

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