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Rimmel recently released their Magnif'eyes Eye Contouring Palettes* which are larger, revamped versions of their previous 6 pan eyeshadow palettes. They've come out with four 'editions'; Nude, Blush, Smoke and Colour, and I was very generously sent them all to review! While it is amazing to see drugstore brands come out with larger eyeshadow palettes, I do think Rimmel slightly missed the mark with these. They aren't bad palettes by any means, but there are certain aspects of them that could definitely be improved! Keep reading for my full thoughts and swatches...

I mentioned in my haul that I wasn't a huge fan of the packaging. It looks and feels almost identical to Chi Chi's old 12 pan eyeshadow palettes, and the plastic feels a bit cheap and tacky. They're perfectly practical though and are slim and compact which is a plus. The overall shade ranges of the palettes - especially Nude and Blush remind me a lot of Urban Decay palettes - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but to me has been 'done' many times before. I think Rimmel missed the opportunity to bring a really warm red/orange eyeshadow palette to the drugstore, or even something just more unique and on trend right now. I'll speak more about each palette's shades with their swatches!

Formula-wise, these shadows aren't mindblowing, but they're certainly not bad either. I don't know if it's just me, but these shadows have a particular texture that I associate with cheaper eyeshadows. They're definitely drier to the touch, and when finger swatching, some of them can feel a bit chunky, and chunk up a bit as you rub your finger in it. This obviously isn't an issue when using a brush, but something to note. There isn't much kick up or fall out with them. Across the board, pigmentation is pretty hit and miss. In general, the shimmers perform better - as expected. They have average to good pigmentation and generally a slightly more creamy texture. The mattes are drier and some come off a little more chalky. A few shades definitely need to be built up for full opacity, but they do blend really well which is great! Ultimately, the formula of these shadows definitely feels on the cheaper side, but shouldn't be discounted! Most of them perform really well, and you can definitely create lovely looks with them!

Something I notice with many drugstore palettes, when comparing them to high end shadows, is that they just don't last as long. With the same primer, I typically find these Rimmel shadows to fade faster and crease a little easier. Keeping in mind I have very oily eyelids, but it is something to note. 

Magnif'eyes Nude Edition*
The quintessential nude palette of the bunch. Overall, I'd probably say this was the best performing palette. It has four true matte shades, a couple of satins and six shimmers. The mattes and the two deepest shades definitely required a little bit of building up, but like I said they blend really easily and are easy to work with. The shimmers are really pretty, I particularly like the fourth and fifth shades. I'm pretty happy with the shade range in here, there are a couple of cool, neutral and warm options. I do feel it is lacking a medium matte brown though for a good crease transition colour.

Magnif'eyes Blush Edition*
The "Naked 3" of the bunch. I have the Naked 3 palette and it's actually extremely similar to this. The Rimmel offering is missing the rose gold coppery shade from the Urban Decay palette, but you can achieve a very similar look with this. Formula wasn't as consistent with this palette compared to the Nude Edition. The mattes needed a little more building and, the grey in particular, was quite chalky. The light pink shades were also a little lacking in pigmentation. Shade-wise, I have a similar critique to the Naked 3 palette - it's just not super versatile. The first half of the palette is very light and has similar tones. I don't know about you guys, but I really can't tell a difference between the first two light shimmery-silver shades! It's a very wearable palette though, with lovely, flattering shades - I just can't see you creating many different, distinct eye looks with it.

Magnif'eyes Smoke Edition*
I'm sure it won't come as any surprise but this is my least favourite of the four! I'm generally not a fan of cool-toned eyeshadows, but that being said I can definitely appreciate a wearable, cool-toned mauve look. This palette is just way too silver though. I mean those first four silver shimmers are just unnecessary - just have one! I like the inclusion of the purple and deeeeep blue with blue shimmer but... the rest of the shades are either a metallic silver, or a deep grey/black (which aren't wearable imo). There are no transition colours or matte highlight shades! This is a palette they definitely could have taken more inspiration from Urban Decay. I have the UD Smoky Palette and while I don't use it often (I'm not a big smokey-eye wearer), the inclusion of warm shades and the shade range in general is just a lot more wearable.

Magnif'eyes Colour Edition*
And finishing with my favourite! This certainly isn't the most wearable of the four, but I like that Rimmel were more creative and unique with this palette. Of course it could use more matte shades, like transition and highlight colours, but if this is your statement colour palette, it may be designed to be used in conjunction with the basic mattes you already have. The shade range isn't totally cohesive, but I can see you creating some unique looks with this palette, whether they be warm or cool - or a combination of both. Hello pretty sunset eye with blue on the lower lash line! I really enjoy the first half of the palette, and the shimmery green and blue are really pretty jewel tones. The matte shades (purple, turquoise and deepest purple) were definitely a tad chalky and needed layering. The turquoise is interesting... it swatches completely different to how it looks in the pan! I haven't tried it on, but I can just imagine it looking a little tacky and garish. That being said, it's a unique shade for sure!

So, it's definitely hit and miss with these palettes! Overall, I definitely think they're solid palettes formula-wise and great budget options, but I think the shade ranges could use some work (particularly with the Smoke and Blush editions). I think that if you're a beauty junkie who already has a million palettes - you don't need these and won't really find too much value in them. But, if you're a makeup beginner or casual makeup wearer - you would really appreciate a cheaper option for an eyeshadow palette!

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*Products gifted for consideration

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