What I've Been Watching #10

I can't quite believe I've managed to amass TEN of these TV show favourites posts on this blog...or can I believe it? I mean I do watch a HECK of a lot of TV. Anyway, now that I'm on holidays, I can binge ALL of the TV! I watched quite a few seasons of TV since my last TV post - including the latest seasons of Narcos and Bojack Horseman. I've talked about both of those shows before so they didn't make the cut in this post, but they were both incredible! I really enjoyed Narcos Season 3 - it was amazing even without Pablo, and if anything I found it a bit more exciting and action packed. Bojack was as emotional as ever and there was even more character development. For an animated comedy, this show goes deep. I'm also so excited for the shows coming out in the next couple of months - come at me The Punisher and The Crown!

Arguably the most anticipated show return and fam, it did not disappoint. While I think I still prefer season 1 as a whole, season 2 is amazing and they definitely upped the stakes. Where season 1 was more of a personal, concentrated story, season 2 really escalates things! It still had all the amazing spookiness and eighties quirk of the first season, and the amazing characters! Definitely some character development which I really appreciated - especially Steve! I love how we all love him now lmao. I did have a few nitpicks with the season though. I didn't love episode 7 which was a very different episode. I understand why they had to do it and why it was important for the central character of that episode but also...I just didn't love it and kind of felt like it took away from the major events of the previous episode (trying to be spoiler-free!). I also didn't love the new characters of Billy and Max. Max was okaaay, but tbh she was just super annoying to me. I understand why they introduced Billy (the 'human' villain) but also he was just kind of unnecessary and I didn't feel he added much to the story. That being said, I've become obsessed with the actor who plays him (Dacre Montgomery)! He's a hottie and an Aussie, and an astounding actor! Speaking of acting, the kids really stepped it up this season! They are talented little suckers.

I'm a big fan of Riz Ahmed and I'd been meaning to watch his series on HBO which has been critically acclaimed. Rightfully so because this series is amazing! It's gritty and dark but an absolutely intriguing story. It's basically about a young Pakistani-American who, after a night with a woman he had just met, wakes up to find her dead and he is then charged with her murder. It's both an intriguing whodunnit and a court procedural wrapped up into one. It goes deep into the injustices of the justice system as well as racial profiling. It's super interesting and quite intense, but absolutely amazing. 

I just finished watching this a couple of days ago and am undecided whether I loved it. I definitely enjoyed it and it's a very different type of show. It follows a couple of behavioural science FBI agents in the late 70s. They are studying serial killers (though that term hadn't been coined yet) and what makes them tick. They interview serial killers (which make for quite intense, disturbing scenes) as well as use their newfound knowledge to help solve crimes along the way. It's certainly not a show for everyone - it's creepy and disturbing at times, but very intriguing. It's a bit of a slow show but it kept me engaged. I felt like it was constantly building to more "action" or an exciting climax, but that kind of never happened, which is okay and just the nature of the show's subject. If you're looking for an action-packed, exciting and epic show, this won't be for you, but it's an intriguing, disturbing insight into how serial killers think.

And to finish off with a positive show! Schitt's Creek is a comedy my friend Yas suggested I watch and, like most of her recs, I really like it! I actually also got to meet one of the actors (Tim Rozon) while I was volunteering at Oz Comic Con and got his autograph, but ironically I hadn't started watching the show yet. Anyway - this show is quaint and hilarious. It's about a rich family who lose their fortune from their family business because of a corrupt employee. The only asset they have left is a town they bought as a joke - Schitt's Creek. It follows their trials and tribulations in adjusting to small town life and living without money. The characters are all quirky and unique, but I LOVE David and Alexis (the two children) in particular - they are hilarious! It's one of those funny comedies that's easy to throw on and watch! That being said, there are also some sweet family moments and lots of character development!

Have you watched any of these shows? What have you been loving - give me your recs!

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