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It kinda feels like Colourpop is the only makeup I'm buying right now - as evidenced by the fact that I just made another massive order last week. What can I say, I am loving them right now! Honestly they cannot be beat in terms of affordability, product quality and product range. They really do offer very good quality, trendy products in a huge range for very low prices. Not to mention the fact that they are constantly having sales and release a new product what seems like every other day. All of that combined means I just can't resist making orders all over the place! That being said, was I the only person to notice they increased the prices of the Ultra Mattes and Satins by 50c?? Petty I know, but dang Colourpop why u do. Anyway I made a couple of orders at the end of last year, and I've had enough play time to write some reviews! Check out my other Colourpop reviews here, here and here.

L-R: Starflower, Puppy Love, Firecracker, Aquarius

This is a limited edition highlighter from the My Little Pony collection but it's still available now! How cute is the packaging though!? Really have to applaud them and MLP for creating such adorable, classic packaging. It's no secret I've been thoroughly enjoying this highlighter - I featured it in my December favourites. The formula is really lovely - it's a soft, creamy feeling powder that applies and blends really easily. Not stark or chalky at all. The texture is really nice - it provides quite a lot of sheen and glowiness to the skin, without any glitter or metallic look to it. Like most highlighter it will accentuate any obvious skin texture, but I find it's very soft and flattering on the skin. It can certainly be worn lightly for a more subtle look, or built up for an intense beam. The colour can look a bit dark in the pan but it's flattering on my medium skin tone. It's a warm peachy gold shade which is similar to Becca Champagne Pop, but Champagne Pop is a bit more yellow-gold and metallic looking.

I bought Puppy Love not only because it's a gorgeous shade, but because all net profits go toward Best Friends Society which is an animal welfare organisation! Puppy Love is a satin and has a soft, creamy texture - not as slippy as the metallics, but certainly more creamy than the mattes. It's described as a soft peach with a pink duochrome shift, which I would agree with. It's such a pretty pale shade that shifts to a peachy pink in different lights. It looks so lovely all over the lid for an ethereal look!

I was excited to see Coloupop release an affordable alternative to my favourite Stila Magnificent Metals, but unfortunately it doesn't hold a candle to the OG Stilas! I do admit, they are very pretty. They are a liquid metallic eyeshadow with small glitter and shimmer particles. The Stila Glitter & Glows are a lot more glittery and sparkly which just makes them a bit more special in my opinion. On the lids, the Supernova shadow - at least the one I have - ends up looking a bit lacklustre and simply like a metallic eyeshadow shade. There's something about the formula that I don't love either. It applies well with good pigmentation, but once I blend it out and it dries it just looks a bit meh on the lids, and a bit uneven in some parts. I just wasn't impressed by this particular shade, but the formula doesn't make me want to try more! Firecracker has a metallic maroon base, with predominantly gold and copper glitter (but other colours in there too). 

I won't dwell too much on the formula because you guys know I love it. It's a pigmented, creamy liquid lipstick that has a comfortable satin finish. As it wears on the lips, it becomes more matte and ends up being very long lasting. However, there is something to note about this shade. I can't remember if I experienced it with other shades, but as it wears, Aquarius does tend to get that dreaded white line on the inner rim of my lips unfortunately. It's very unflattering and almost impossible to get rid of unless I completely remove it or cover it up in reapplication. The shade itself is gorgeous though, a very flattering peachy-pinky-brown nude shade! I swear Kathleen can do no wrong!

Aquarius on the lips - after a few hours wear

Colourpop's eyeshadow palettes have blown up - it really does feel like they release a new one every other week! Rightly so though, in general they contain 12 different shades for a mere $16. It's a great bargain for a huge range of colours in a tiny, travel-friendly palette. The eyeshadows in here are smaller than the norm (about half I'd say), which I'm completely cool with because I've never in my life (and quite possibly never will) gone through an eyeshadow. Formula wise, I'd say it differs from palette to palette and shade to shade. On the whole, Yes, Please! is great quality. I prefer the mattes over the shimmers here, so it's good it contains more mattes! The mattes here have a soft texture that is prone to kick up (not a lot, but they're soft). That being said, they are really well pigmented but blend easily. Oddly, the shimmers are the opposite. They feel quite compact in the pan and they have decent pigmentation, but definitely not that intense, creamy, foil finish that I've become used to. I wish Butter Cake (the gold) in particular had more pigmentation and more of a creamy intensity to it.

L-R: Full Zip, Big Cocktails, Champs, Bling, Louie, Butter Cake

L-R: Spoiled, GNO, Mischief, Note to Self, Chauffeur, French Kiss

As you can see, the colour scheme of Yes, Please! is very warm with strong red and orange shades, and even a yellow for good measure. I'm not going to go through every shade because otherwise we'd be here for days! I'll let the swatches do the talking for once. Despite there being some intense shades in here - which really make the palette - you can still create more natural, wearable looks by sticking to the lighter shades and neutral brown. I'd say this palette is a really great way to achieve the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette look on a budget as it really provides you with all the shades you need to get that intense, warm eye look.

This was a limited edition product from Holiday 2017 but is still available now. This palette contains 15 shades so its slightly more expensive than the 12-pan palettes. Like I said, Colourpop's formula differs from palette to palette and this is a good example of it. Where I found the mattes in Yes, Please! to be quite powdery, those in AISIM are actually quite stiff in the pan. There's hardly any kickup and they are slightly less pigmented (but are still well pigmented). That being said, they're pretty fool proof, build really well and blend effortlessly. The shimmers in this palette are a lot nicer than in Yes, Please! in my opinion. The middle row in particular are absolutely gorgeous - so rich in colour and pigmentation and have a beautiful metallic shimmer. Absolutely love! Formula was pretty consistent across the palette. The lighter mattes weren't as pigmented and required a little building (but that's pretty standard). And the burgundy (Tinsel Town) swatched a bit patchy (because it's quite pigmented) but applies on the eye quite well.

L-R: Go Wish, Now and Zen, 11:11, Treat Yourself, Top Notch

L-R: Tinsel Town, Twinkle Toes, Something Special, Wishful Winking, Pitter Patter

L-R: Save it for Later, Big Spoon, T-Cup, Imperial, Never Never

In my opinion, AISIM isn't really a complete palette. It's lacking a few basic matte shades but I don't really mind supplementing a basic matte palette with it because you get quite a few unique shades in here. The jewel tones in the middle row are gorgeous. The green-brown duochrome shade Wishful Winking makes for a divine smokey eye and it's possibly my favourite shade in the palette. The bronze, Twinkle Toes, is quite unique too for a bronze - it almost has an olive green tinge to it that isn't really showing up in my swatch! Now and Zen is a stunning yellow-gold-white duochrome that makes a beautiful, intense inner corner highlight. There are also a couple of glittery shades in here (11:11 and Never Never) which I don't love but they do add a different texture to the palette. Overall I really like the shade range in here. If supplemented with a couple of other basic matte colours, you really can achieve a huge range of looks - from intense jewel-smokey eyes, warm orange or berry looks and more!

Hopefully this post wasn't too rambly for you guys and hopefully you got some good info from it! Their pressed powder products are really killing it for me! At this point, if you haven't yet tried Coloupop, I so recommend it! They're so affordable and really do create some unique products - I mean some of their Super Shock Shadows are SO pretty and unique! I really am in awe of their range!

What are your favourite products from Colourpop?

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