Empties #16

It's empties time again! As per the usual, I've got a heap of skincare and almost zero makeup but hey, at least I'm using up my products! Not much more to say in this intro, so let's dive in!

Swisspers Spa Facial Cleansing Wipes with White Tea Extract
This is actually my second packet of these wipes and I really like them! In fact they're probably my favourite face wipes. They are the moistest (what a lovely word) that I've come across and the wipe itself is soft and non-irritating. It takes off my makeup really well (waterproof mascara etc excluded) and leaves my skin feeling quite hydrated - not dry or tight at all!
Repurchase? Currently using a different pack right now, but would definitely go back to these!

I love this tuff. It's just an amazing no-frills cleansing balm that removes everything and really washes off cleanly leaving no residue, without leaving my skin dry or tight.
Repurchase? I would in the future, but I've actually found an alternative (the 16 Brand Peach Soda Cleansing Balm) which I'm using currently that is fairly similar but a lot cheaper. 

I had really high hopes for this because I remember the days when all the British youtubers were raving about it, but I actually found it kind of meh! To be honest, I found it quite drying on my skin and really did leave my skin feeling tight (while it was on and afterward). I also didn't notice it being exceptionally clarifying either. It's not terrible, but definitely not my favourite considering the hype I had built up for it!
Repurchase? No thanks.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater
This is technically cheating because while this bottle is empty, I actually decant it into the smaller sized spray bottle which is still half full haha. Regardless, I love this stuff and have repurchased it time and time again! It's a lovely mist that hydrates the skin well.
Repurchase? Obviously! Interested in trying the green tea scent though!

I really enjoyed this! It has 5% glycolic acid so it's a bit more gentle so it's a good daily option, or great for acid newbies or those with sensitive skin! I got great results from it but sometimes wish it was a bit more potent!
Repurchase? I would in the future - it's a great gentle option.

Elemis White Brightening Even Tone Lotion*
I quite enjoyed this essence type product. It's a nice addition to my skincare routine but I can't definitively say whether or not it evened out my skin tone. I do think it makes a difference but as you guys know, I use quite a few products that aim to even and brighten my skin! I did really like this though.
Repurchase? Probably not - it's a bit out of my budget. I am looking to continue using essence products though!

Petit Bonheur Mugunghwa Brightening Serum*
Another product I enjoyed using but can't say whether it made a huge difference in my skin. I am confident that niacinamide (which is one of the main ingredients here) is beneficial to my skin so I happily used this!
Repurchase? Probably not - I'm currently using The Ordinary's niacinimide serum which I feel like performs similarly.

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum*
Considering my skin is combination/oily, it isn't very dehydrated and therefore doesn't really need hydrating serums. That being said, I did enjoy this one. I feel like my skin was a bit more juicy, plump and of course hydrated when I was using this!
Repurchase? Possibly! My skin isn't fussy when it comes to hydrating serums so I'm going to use up the ones in my stash first.

Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Cream*
This was a lovely moisturiser while I was using it. It felt rich and very moisturising but not heavy at all on the skin. That being said I felt like I went through it really quickly and to be honest didn't see this as being any better than other moisturisers I've used! Also didn't notice any anti-fatigue effects haha.
Repurchase? Probably not.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Dry*
I really loved this moisturiser as my morning moisturiser! It felt really hydrating and gave my skin some juiciness, while still being very lightweight and sitting well underneath makeup. I think my skin just really loved this!
Repurchase? I would once I go through my current moisturisers!

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer
Probably still my favourite primer! This is my second bottle of the stuff. It just works so well at making my makeup last longer (mainly keeping it looking good on the face). It does help with oil control somewhat but I'm still on the hunt for a really effective mattifying primer!
Repurchase? Yes! I'm dying though because MF isn't available in Priceline anymore so it's a little harder to get. Next time I see it in person though I'll definitely pick it up.

I think this may be my last tube of these lip butters? I had all three flavours and really enjoyed them! It's a great everyday lip balm because it really does moisturise the lips, but feels lightweight. 
Repurchase? Got a stack of lip balms to get through but would go back to these!

Lush Christingle Body Conditioner
I have mixed feelings on this one! I don't mind the premise of a body conditioner - the Lush ones are definitely a lot more effective than the old Nivea In Shower Lotion that was popular for a minute. It really does moisturise the skin even when you haven't left it on for very long. That being said it does sort of leave an oily residue on the skin. Not super obvious once you're dry, but you can definitely feel it when you're rinsing off. I just wasn't really a fan of this scent because it's cooling and quite menthol-y. I felt like it really stuck to my hands so even when I went to touch my face in the shower - my eyes would sort of sting from it! Definitely a bit of an inconvenience.
Repurchase? Not this scent. I'm currently using the OG Ro's Argan Conditioner which I like a lot more!

Sally Hansen Acetone-Free Polish Remover
Not 100% sure why I'm featuring this haha but it's a stock standard for me. I'm actually using the pink one right now which has acetone in it so it's obviously a lot more effective and really makes nail polish removal so quick and easy. If acetone is a turnoff for you though, the blue version is pretty good!
Repurchase? Yeah!

What products have you guys finished up recently?

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*Products gifted for consideration. 

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