Monthly Favourites // February 2018

Well February sped by pretty quick hey!? I didn't do a favourites post for January mostly because I didn't have anything new to talk about, but also because I did my yearly favourites and didn't want to bombard you guys with favourites posts! Regardless, I've got a few new and old faves to share with you for the month of February! Surprisingly I haven't been buying many new beauty things (mainly just massive Colourpop orders here and there) so you may see a few repeat products popping up over the next few months! I guess that's a good thing though because I need to appreciate my collection and stop buying stuff I don't need!

L'oreal Mattifying Infallible Foundation in 22 Radiant Beige
I've had this foundation for a long time but haven't mentioned it too much on the blog. It's actually a foundation I use very regularly - I mix this with my Garnier BB cream for a lightweight, natural and long wearing everyday base. I rarely wear this alone just because it can be a tad bit clingy on dry areas, but it's amazing mixed in with other bases to make them just a teeny bit more matte and longer lasting. I tried mixing it with my IT Cosmetics CC Cream this month which I love but find can be a bit too dewy sometimes and it worked a treat! Just goes to show that I really need to try different matte foundations because they obviously work well on my oily skin!

Colourpop No Filter Concealer in Light
I picked up this concealer as part of my last haul, not because I needed it but purely because I wanted to try it. I've heard a lot of people compare it to Tarte Shape Tape and in general people seemed to like it. It was affordable so I thought why not! This shade is light but it's a great highlighting shade under the eyes (I don't have anything quite as brightening). I tend to apply my concealer sparingly (you won't see me doing a massive triangle under my eyes) but even so the coverage is really good! It tends to have a more matte finish but doesn't look drying or crepey under the eyes. It pretty long lasting too - no creasing. I have to say I'm pretty impressed so far and look forward to testing it some more!

Beauty Care Co (aka Kmart) Make Up Blender
I picked up this $2 (TWO DOLLAR) make up sponge from Kmart on the recommendation of my friend (specifically the marbled one!) and it doesn't disappoint! I mean it was only $2 so really what is there to lose, but it's actually really good! Bearing in mind I've only tried the Real Techniques sponge, but my friend said it was quite comparable to the Beauty Blender which is a good sign! I'm not huge on sponges, mainly because I'm too lazy to wet them, but also because they give foundation a more dewy finish which is lovely but also doesn't super help my oily skin. That being said - I've used it with the aforementioned matte foundation and it works really well. I find you need to squeeze out all the excess water just so it doesn't pick up the foundation again and make it patchy. But it really does blend out foundation well and into the skin for a very natural looking finish!

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
Please excuse how grubby my bottle is - that dang rubberised finish makes me look like a grimey hoe lmao. Since I've been working long days at the office and its been hot and humid as hell, I've been using this spray pretty regularly. I used to be really skimpy with setting sprays and only use them when I knew it would be a long day - but I have so many that I need to use up! Anyway this stuff is really great at prolonging the wear of your makeup, and also melting in any powders on the face. While oil still comes through at the end of the day, it's definitely not as bad as it would have been if I'd gone without it!

Colourpop Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette
After months of trying to talk myself out of needing this palette - I caved! Yes it is another warm-toned neutral palette but I couldn't get it out of my head! Can I dupe every colour in here with eyeshadows I already have? Probably. But! This handy dandy travel size is just so convenient and having these kinds of shades all in one palette just makes me happy! As I suspected, this palette has been amazing for everyday eye looks. They are warm enough to be trendy and flattering, but neutral enough that you can create really wearable everyday looks. I love the ratio of mattes and shimmers and it's just such a great basic palette! The formula is lovely on most of these too! I'm seriously just so impressed with Colourpop shadows right now.

When I first got this, I did really like the colour but found it just a liiitttle bit too cool-toned for me. Compared to my warm-toned highlighters, this can sort of look silvery but actually it's just a very nice neutral champagne type colour. I've been loving wearing this with more "cool-toned" makeup looks - like when I whip out the mauves or pink tones, this seems to go well with them because it isn't so GOLD like some of my other highlighters. The glow on this one is really refined and pretty!

This is probably more of a January favourite but I have been really liking this lip product! As you guys know, I love the satin formula, and this shade is such a pretty wearable, peachy-pinky-browny nude. Love it!

Marvel's Black Panther
GUYS. Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd have heard about the Black Panther HYPE. I absolutely loved this film and have a lot to say about it but don't really want to write an essay about it here haha. But seriously it makes me so happy to see the effect that this movie has had on communities around the world and the praise and success it's been receiving is so heartwarming and DESERVED. Black Panther has all the hallmarks of a typical Marvel movie - great action, entertainment and humour, but it also has really interesting characters, builds an incredible new world and has underlying social commentary that is so relevant and interestingly explored from differing perspectives. The cast are absolutely incredible. I LOVE the badass chicks in this film - Shuri is my favourite! And DANG Michael B Jordan - I am now obsessed with you. The Afro-futurist world and culture that they built was incredible, as were the costumes and sets! I really hope this film and its success mean Marvel - and others - will continue to make different movies, with non "traditional" characters that people from all walks of life can identify with. Still waiting for my Asian superhero! :P If you guys haven't already seen Black Panther - you must. [Also the soundtrack is BOMB]

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