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Oh, the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blushes - what a throwback! These blushes have been a cult fave in the beauty community for years and were hyped up especially a few years ago, though that hype has seemingly died down. I've had Exposed for a good couple of years, and last year I added Captivating to my collection in a Sephora order. I've been meaning to write up a post about it for a while now, but kept forgetting! Well, here I am! I have already done a review post on Exposed, but in my opinion, the formulas between the two shades I have differ, so I thought it would be worth writing about (and sharing some swatches!).

L-R: Captivating, Exposed (swatched then blended)

Since I got Exposed, the packaging has been updated slightly. It is still encased in a sturdy plastic compact (which is colour-coded - love!), but the top is very minimal, embellished with only Tarte's logo in gold. Even though I've had Exposed for ages - trust me, it's been well-loved - it still shows some of the embossing in the pan which is lovely!

If you read my original review on Exposed, I mention that I found the formula very hard and lacking in pigment which is contrary to a lot of what I'd heard about them. The lack of pigmentation isn't necessarily a bad thing though. It is very easily built up, and when it comes to blushes, often lower pigmentation means it's easier to use, and hard to go overboard. I find the formula of Captivating to be a lot different! It is still a hard blush in the pan, but feels a lot smoother to the touch, where Exposed almost feels chalky. I also find it to be a lot more pigmented (not overly so though), and you definitely need less. I also mentioned in my original review that Exposed didn't live up to the name in terms of lasting power as it definitely faded towards the end of the day. Captivating doesn't last 12 hours, but it does linger longer on the skin for sure. It could be that the formula differs between shades, or that the formula has since been updated (though I doubt that because back in the day people raved about them being "sooooo pigmented") OR that the Exposed I got was just a dud (though I still love it!). In any case, Captivating is a lot better performing and has quickly become one of my favourite blushes! In terms of application, I find these apply best with either a natural haired brush or a stippling brush due to the hard formula. They tend to apply pretty well and don't ever look blotchy!

Exposed is a matte, rosy-brown that pretty much goes with any look. It's an absolute staple in my collection and a go-to for when I want a no-fuss blush!

Captivating is described as a warm peach and also has a matte finish. I know, I know - I have a million peach blushes! But - this one is actually a little different! It's slightly deeper and is truly an orangey, almost "burnt" peach. It's showing a bit more pink in my swatch, but in reality it doesn't have very much pink to it! It's a stunning shade though, and so flattering on my yellow-toned skin! 

While I love both of the shades I have, Captivating definitely has a better formula, however - the Amazonian Clay Blushes still aren't my favourite! They're great blushes, but I'm not sure they're worth all the hype (that they used to get at least). While I'd love to have a stack of these (that would be super pretty with the colourful compacts!), I think my Tarte blush collection is complete!

Have you tried the Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes? What are your thoughts?

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