ColourPop Reviews #4

It seems like Colourpop is the only brand I ever talk about on here anymore...but can you blame me? I'm still thoroughly enjoying their products, and I'm here to share the batch of reviews from my last big order! As I say in basically every post, I just can't get enough of Colourpop! They have such a wide range of products, colours and finishes, and all at super affordable prices. The fact that they keep pumping out new releases doesn't help either! I told myself this would be my last order for a looong while though...

L-R: No Filter Concealer, Moonchild, Tight Fit, Frog, Glass Bull

L-R: No Filter Concealer, Moonchild, Tight Fit, Frog, Glass Bull (in sunlight)
I've been really enjoying this concealer, as indicated by my favourites! They just added a bunch of new shades too which is great to see! I've heard that this is similar to Tarte Shape Tape, but I don't have that so I can't compare them! This concealer has a nice thin, lightweight consistency but really great coverage. It has a matte finish but doesn't look dry or cakey under the eyes. Lasting power is pretty great too - no creasing! Overall, can't complain!

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Moon Child and Tight Fit
I ended up grabbing two of their glosses this round! I've never tried their glosses, but lately have been getting more into glosses (shockingly), so I thought I'd give them a go. I enjoy the formula, but to be honest it's still not my favourite. They have a good amount of shine (not as much as the Fenty gloss though), but are still decently thick. Therefore, they do have a stickiness to them that I don't love, but it's not unbearable. I prefer the formula of Moon Child as it's more creamy and a bit more balmy almost, less sticky. Tight Fit is packed full of shimmer and almost has a moussier feel to it, a bit more sticky but somehow less shiny! I like the formula, but probably wouldn't get anymore to be honest! Maybe my interest in gloss will stop here haha :P

Moon Child is a nice light (but not pale) warm, browny-nude shade with a cream finish and with flecks of gold (that aren't super noticeable).  Tight Fit is a metallic finish - kind of a light peachy shade with intense gold and pink shimmer. To be honest I'm not 100% sold on how this looks on the lips. All over, it's a bit much and gives me too much of that frosty vibe that I'm not a fan of. I do quite like it sparingly in the centre of the lips though.

Frog is the first Ultra-glitter finish I've tried - and they ain't lyin! It's essentially pure glitter packed into their classic moussey formula. There's not much of a base colour, just intense silver and lilac glitter that gives such a pretty sparkle and sheen to the lids! I haven't figured out my favourite way to wear this yet, but it is gorgeous and a super easy way of working with glitter! Mine came broken though :(

I'm such a fan of Colourpop's eyeshadows! I had some space in my Z palette so I decided to pick up another single. I'd seen Glass Bull raved about and it really did look gorgeous so I grabbed it! It's sort of a similar concept to Retrograde from the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette, but different. It's more subtle than Retrograde I'd say. It's got quite a sheer base colour (which I'd say is like a taupe purple), and quite intense blue (almost teal) and silver shimmer. It's super pretty and ethereal looking! Absolutely love duochromey shades like this!

L-R: Locked & Loaded, Uninhibited, Hot Bod, Flasher, Nekkid, Extra Curricular

L-R: Hard, Draft, Keep it PG, Nip Slip, Send Noodles, Teddy Bare

I already have a couple of Colourpop palettes so I knew what to expect with these. I had a similar experience in this case, while on the whole the formula is really great (especially for the price), it can vary from palette to palette and shade to shade. I found Double Entendre though to be amazing, probably the best performing palette I have from them. The formula is pretty consistent across the board! The mattes are pigmented and blendable, soft yet not so much so that they kick up a bunch of dust. There are only three shimmers in here - two metallics I'd say which are creamy and amazing, and one more classic shimmer (Keep it PG) which is nice but a tad lacklustre. Oh also, Flasher is more of a satin finish which is nice for the browbone! I also don't understand Hot Bod, it has a matte base and then dumb bits of glitter that just blend away. 

Shade wise, I love the tones in the palette. Although I have enough warm nude palettes to last over a lifetime (and could probably dupe all these shades already), I still felt the need to have it. It's just the perfect selection of everyday, warm nude shades (that aren't too warm) that would be perfect for travel. And it's definitely lived up to that - I've been reaching for this almost everyday since I got it. It literally has all the shades I would use on a daily basis! That being said, I think there are a couple of shades that could be switched out. Nekkid and Send Noodles are different, but I feel like they achieve very similar things. Same with Hot Bod and Teddy Bare (just get rid of Hot Bod!! Haha). I also think the two rose goldy copper metallics could be a bit more different. Other than that I think it's a really versatile palette and will be getting a lot of use from me!

L-R: Shooting Star, Magical, Star Dust, Twinkle, Sweet Dreams, Water Bearer

L-R: Potion, Spark, Kaleidoscope, Elfish, Moony, Mermaid Boy

I definitely didn't need this palette - but Kathleen made it look so nice! Plus the teals and Spark looked so pretty and unique. I have mixed feelings about this palette though! The formula is definitely hit and miss for me. On the whole, it's pretty great, especially considering the price, but some shades are definitely lacking. Sweet Dreams almost feels gritty in the pan, is very lacklustre in the shimmer/metallic department and is pretty dry and not pigmented - definitely my least favourite shade. Kaleidoscope isn't as bad (it's not gritty), but it is still drier and not as shiny or metallic as I would have liked. The two metallic rose gold shades are gorgeous, but I feel like they only look that good when applied with a finger (also they're very similar and I would've preferred one to be switched out for a different colour). The teals were a little disappointing too :( The matte (Water Bearer) was pretty sheer and could be difficult to blend. Also apologies for my dodgy lighting. Water Bearer is looking a bit too green in my photo. It's a tad more blue IRL, and in order to get that depth, you really need to build it up. At the very least it wasn't patchy! Mermaid Boy is really pretty but I can't help but wish it was creamier and more of a foily, intense consistency. It's a little lacklustre, and I prefer the metallic teal in the All I See is Magic palette. The other shades though!! Are really good. The two reddish colours in particular are intensely pigmented and absolutely gorgeous.

The shade range is really eclectic and bold, but somehow still cohesive. I've managed to create a range of different looks, using just this palette too, and I've really liked the results! As much as I like it, I can't help but be a little disappointed in the formulas of some of the shades.

I've heard a lot of criticism about the fact that Colourpop repeats colours through its palettes, and I can't deny that! Here I've swatched some similar colours (from these two palettes alone, not even accounting for the other two I have, just imagine if you had all of their palettes!) - on the left is Dream St and on the right is Double Entendre. These shades in particular are so similar and could easily create the same looks. That being said, a lot of the shades Colourpop repeats are essentials in a palette, so you can't blame them for putting them in every palette. But just looking at these swatches makes me realise that if you take away the bold colours in Dream St, it's not that unique, and in my opinion not really worth it? Use your own judgment on that front, but if you won't get use out of the teals and the pink/red, then I'd say skip out on it!

A good amount of hits and only a couple of slight let downs in this haul! Still, I can't complain. The quality isn't bad by any means, they're still good and more than useable! And you really can't beat that price!

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