What I've Been Watching #12

I'm here today with a long overdue update on my recent TV obsessions! While it's been a hot minute since my last TV faves post, it doesn't mean I've stopped watching TV! My faves today are all new shows that I haven't spoken (or written, rather) about before. I've been keenly watching Silicon Valley and Brooklyn Nine-Nine which have recently come back, and I've also binged the new seasons of A Series of Unfortunate Events (incredible! Still love this show, it's so clever and they've gotten to the books that I hadn't read so it's new to me!), Jessica Jones (good, but nowhere near as good as season 1. Again, way too long) and Santa Clarita Diet (still v funny and a good quick watch!). I also watched Nailed It! (hilarious and a good, nothing-to-do type of show) and Everything Sucks (didn't love it but the ending brought it home). 

I kept seeing this show pop up on Netflix and thinking it looked like absolute trash. But then I thought, wait who am I kidding... I love trash. So, when I had nothing to do, I gave it a go and low and behold, it's some good trash. It's by the creators of Gossip Girl (a classique) and a reboot of an old 80s soap opera. It's basically about a wealthy family and their family and business dramas. It really is trashy but unashamedly so, it's funny and at times even a bit twisty! The latest ep got me a lil shook at the end not gonna lie. So, if you're looking for some good ol' trashy tv to binge, look no further!

Another good low-brow show haha. Sometimes you just want something that you can watch for fun and not really pay attention to! I recently discovered the joys of pre-downloading Netflix shows and watching them on the train, so it's good to watch shows that require little attention and that you can watch on a small screen without feeling like you're missing out on something haha. This show though is essentially Joel McHale making fun of various reality TV shows and other ridiculous/absurd/hilarious shows. It's a basic premise, but it works well and it's very funny! It's also very self-aware which makes it all the more hilarious. 

On the complete other end of the spectrum is The Good Fight. It's a spinoff of The Good Wife (which was one of my favourite shows), and it follows the trials and tribulations of a Chicago law firm. I'll admit, I'm actually finding the second season more enjoyable and interesting than the first. It's really good! I've always admired how The Good Wife manage to weave in real life events and socio-political themes into their episodes, and The Good Fight is no different. In fact, it's even more politically charged with open references to Trump and social issues like police brutality. That made it sound really intense but it's a very enjoyable show that definitely feels like entertainment (with light-hearted funny moments) but is a lot more interesting and dare I say educational (or maybe just awareness-raising). 

It's been a couple of months since this came out and the hype has probably died down by now. If you haven't watched it yet, what are you doing?! A reboot of the OG Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (which I remember watching as a kid haha), Queer Eye is a modern, fresh spin on the original, and really is more than just a makeover show. It's fighting toxic masculinity and stereotypes one episode at a time! It's sweet, endearing, enlightening, funny and emotional and is definitely worth a watch. It really does get heavy at times but don't worry, Jonathan will always be there to brighten things up! Can you believe?! 

I'm also keen to get watching the new episodes of The Handmaid's Tale and Westworld! What have you guys been watching lately - let me know!

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