Petal to the Metal // Smashbox + Vlada Rosemantic Highlighter

If you're a beauty junkie, I'm sure you would have seen the STUNNING Smashbox + Vlada collection making the rounds. The packaging of this collection is absolutely beautiful, and I think the collection is just so well thought out. The rose and rose gold theme permeates through the colours of the products, the packaging and of course the stunning embossing (if that's what you call it) on the powders. The highlights especially called out to me (and they are completely sold out at Mecca - oops!) and they truly looked like a gorgeous collector's item! While I wasn't planning on getting anything for myself, a few of my lovely friends got me the Petal Metal Highlighter in Rosemantic for my birthday. I am so grateful - it's such a special item and one I'll certainly treasure! The duochrome shade Prismatic Petal also looked super unique, but upon closer inspection it was actually very glittery and almost had a green-ish shift to it. I'm glad my pals got me Rosemantic as it's much more wearable and one they knew I'd get use out of!

In sunlight, swatched and blended

In shade, swatched and blended

As I've already mentioned, and you can so clearly see, the packaging is goooor-gina. The compact is rose gold, has a beautiful rose on the top, magnetic closure and a mirror. It's really weighty too which makes it feel all the more luxe. And of course, you can't deny the beautiful drippy rose imprint on the powder - drips of course being Vlada's trademark! It's almost too beautiful to use, but hopefully the imprint will last a while! It's also worth mentioning that it contains 10g of product which I thought was quite a lot!

Moving onto the formula, Smashbox describes it as being a gel-powder, but to me it just feels like a very smooth powder. It actually feels quite dense (not super soft or buttery) and there's little powder kickup when you put your brush in there. I must say though, it performs beautifully in application! It applies effortlessly regardless of whether you use a dense or loose brush. Application is even, smooth and it blends super easily. I don't think there's much more to say about the formula - it really is lovely. And it lasts really well on the skin too!

Rosemantic is a gorgeous deep rose gold shade, bordering on copper that I find to be super flattering on my skin tone. It's such a good colour that lends itself to both warm and cool looks! I'd say this colour is more of a blush topper, or even just a very luminous blush for my skin tone, but it would make a gorgeous highlighter on deeper skins. In terms of shine level, it's actually more on the subtle side as far as highlighters go these days. I've heard people express disappointment that it isn't blingy enough, but I'm not mad at the subtlety! It's very much a refined glow with shimmer particles that still catch the light and give off a lovely shine without accentuating skin texture. But, it's not super wet looking or intense by any means. Hopefully you can see in the swatches the level of shimmer! It has a lovely opacity though which is easily controlled depending on the density of your brush. With a denser blush brush, you get a good flush of colour (that would be hard to overdo), but you can still wear it subtly on the tops of the cheekbones with a fluffier fan brush. 

It's safe to say I'm a major fan! This product is just so divine and definitely worth it for the packaging alone - but it's good to know that the actual powder is lovely too! Well done to Vlada on this collection - it certainly is drool-worthy! Gotta get those lip drips somehow, right? ;)

What was your favourite product from the collection?

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