Monthly Favourites // May 2018

I literally CANNOT believe it's the end of May. Wheeeere tf did that month go. To be fair - I've been super busy this month, so I guess I just didn't notice it flying by?? This month was my bday month - I turned 21! - and a lot of my friends' birthdays too, so this month was a lot of social events! Also I am DEEP in assessment currently. To say I'm VERY STRESSED would be an understatement. So I'm gonna make this blog post quick ;)

Esmi Skin Minerals Anti-Redness Minty Green Smoothie*
I was very luckily sent Esmi's three new serums, but unfortunately the past month has seen my skin have an absolute FREAKOUT (I think a combo of stress and hormones), so I've been hesitant in introducing them into my routine. I've been using this one semi-regularly though, maybe every second day, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm generally dubious about things that claim to be anti-redness, however I find this one to be quite calming and feel really lovely on the skin. I think with everyday usage this would really help diminish fresh acne scars and the like. The before and afters they feature on their instagram are amazing! So I'm hoping I have similar results haha!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
It's been a minute since I've mentioned this on my blog, but I cracked open my backup bottle when I finished my Pixi Glow Tonic. This is a stronger glycolic acid toner, and I still love it as much as the first bottle I used! I've been using it about every second night and it has further reinforced the fact that I can't live without a good chemical exfoliant! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and quite glowy looking. With regular use it helps fade acne scars too!

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer in SC-5
Is anyone else so devo that Laura Mercier is leaving Australia?! I really hope it's not forever and that we can still buy her products somehow because this is one of my favourite concealers ever! As I said, my skin has blown up with acne and this is a concealer I can count on to cover it up. It has amazing coverage and actually lasts on the spot and doesn't fade or rub away!

Rimmel Blush Palette by Kate Moss
I was very kindly given this (and the bronzer and highlight trios) by Rochelle from Simple Social Sister! What a loooovely soul! I've been really enjoying all three palettes, but I must say the top pink shade in particular in this blush palette is amazing! It's one of those perfect warm/neutral/nude pinks that doesn't look garish at all. It really goes with the ~millennial pink~ vibes that you guys know I love! The formula is lovely - a good level of pigmentation and it blends well!

My last post was a review on this so I won't write much about it! It's an absolutely gorgeous, slightly subtle, highlighter that I've been loving as a blush topper. Such a stunning product!

Covergirl Katy Kat Palettes in Cool Kat* and Hot Kat*
I recently received these palettes and I'm actually blown away by them?! I'll hopefully have a review up soon (once I get through this mammoth assessment period). First of all the packaging is adorable - check those kitties! Hot Kat is more of a nude palette, while Cool Kat is more colourful. I love the shade options in both palettes, but neither of them are complete palettes in my opinion - I still find I need to supplement with a couple of matte shades. That being said, I love that Hot Kat has a more warm toned side, and then wearable cool tones! The choice of colours in Cool Kat is gorgeous - there are some really pretty duochrome shades! Some of the colours also have glittery flecks which are really pretty, but just beware they are prone to fall out so are best applied patted on with a finger! I was pleasantly surprised by the formula - the mattes are super soft and blendable, and the shimmers are well pigmented. Both get a thumbs up from me, especially the colourful one which is pretty unique for the drugstore!

K - back to smashing out these assignments! Wish me luck! *cries*

S H O P  T H E  P O S T  >>

*Products gifted for consideration. 

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