Covergirl x Katy Perry // Katy Kat Palettes

While I'm overwhelmingly a dog person...I gotta admit that these palettes are pretty fricken adorable! Then again, I am a sucker for any makeup that has a special embossing or pattern on it! Today I'm coming at you with a review and swatches of the two limited edition Covergirl and Katy Perry Katy Kat Palettes in Hot Kat* and Cool Kat*. I'll be honest with ya, I wasn't expecting the greatest from these since I've become a bit of a snob with eyeshadow and much prefer high end brands (and Colourpop) - but these pleasantly surprised me!

Aside from the adorable cat-shaped eyeshadows inside, these palettes are packaged pretty plainly in compact plastic palettes. They come with sponge tip applicators which actually aren't bad considering some of these shades are glittery and best applied with a finger/sponge tip to minimise fallout. 

Formula-wise, it varies between shades and finishes, but honestly I was pleasantly surprised by them and overall quite impressed! I'd say there are about three main textures through these two palettes, which I'll talk more specifically about later. There are mattes, shimmers and then quite glittery shades. The mattes are super creamy feeling - like weirdly so (but in a good way?). They're very soft to the touch and very much prone to kickup. While it kicks up quite a bit in the pan, there's no fallout on the face (provided you tap off the excess). They're just very smooth, blend easily and are well pigmented. The shimmers are lovely too - nothing crazy amazing but just good, smooth and pigmented shadows. The glitters are really pretty and quite unique but can be difficult to work with. They're similarly very soft in the pan and almost get flakey. This results in a heck of a lot of fall out when applied with a brush, so I highly recommend applying in a patting motion with a finger. You'll get better colour payoff and less fallout. Pigmentation in the base colour varies but they're worth layering a bit to get full impact! Ultimately the formula is pretty good (some colours could use a little building), and you can create some beautiful, unique looks, but some of them you have to work a bit harder with! Also these last pretty well on the eye (some fading and creasing by the end of the day), but really good considering most drugstore eyeshadows fade completely on me!

Hot Kat is your more "basic" palette with more everyday wearable colours. I love that they have a mix of warm and cool toned colours to increase versatility, but neither are too extreme so they still work together. This palette consists of mainly mattes and shimmers (the pinky cat shade has a little glitter but it's basically a shimmer) and overall has a pretty consistent formula. I adore the mauvey-purple matte - such a great shade! My only complaint is that the three deep shades on the cool side could be a bit more different - they're all dark and cool-toned and provide the same effect on the eye. I do appreciate the smokey versatility of this palette though! 

Cool Kat (but if you're going to go and change C's to K's...go the whole hog and make it Kool!!) is definitely giving me cool girl vibes with all that colour! I have to say that I love the colour selection of this palette - it's colourful, but still wearable in my opinion and more unique than the typical 'colourful' palettes you see at the drugstore. As this palette is so colourful, and has more glittery finishes, it's one that you would pair with other basic matte shades. The formula is less consistent in this palette - like I said before, the glittery shades are harder to work with but look really pretty on the eye. Most of these, particularly those on the left side, need to be built up a bit for full opacity, but I think of them as more of glittery toppers? 

The two cat shades are gorgeous - the left one has a taupe base but really pretty pink glitters, and the right one is a copper with green and gold glitter. Beware though, the left one is super flakey and is fallout city! I also love the mint and the lilac - I wore them to a 70s themed party and was low-key living. I'm not sure how much wear I'll get out of the silvery shade - but I'm oddly a fan of it? It almost has like a warmth to it even though it is definitely silver. There's also a deep blue/green-brown duochrome shade. I wish it packed a bit more of a punch in the metallic/duochrome department but it's pretty! I also wish they ditched the black in this palette (it has weird glitters in it), and replaced it with another more interesting deep colourful shade. Overall I think this palette is really cool (har har because it's the Cool kat palette) and you can create some unique looks with it - maybe not necessarily using these shades together (but you certainly could) but as star shades with other basic colours!

I think these palettes are really awesome - the formula is great for the drugstore and I like that they're bringing more unique shades to the table! Hot Kat isn't anything to write home about shade wise (we all have these colours!) but it's a good basic option. Cool Kat on the other hand is very cool and I think great for anyone wanting to experiment with colour!

*Products gifted for consideration

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