Like Music to My Ears #12

I hath finished assessment for the semester! Hopefully that means back to semi regular blog posts up on here, but no promises because I'm lazy and disorganised - oops! Let's get back in the groove with a good ol' music post. There have been SO many new albums out lately that I actually had to leave some out from this post (so I could keep it to an even six haha). Perhaps if I'm still liking them by the next post I'll give 'em a mention ;) Anyway - let's dive in!

CHVRCHES are a pretty consistent fave of mine - this is their third album and I love it just as much as their first two! They have a pretty distinct synth-pop sound, with Lauren's high vocals, and it hasn't changed too much over the years. It's just great music to have a bit of a bop to and highly recommend if you've never listened to them before!

LANKS twentyseven
LANKS is a new discovery for me - he's an Aussie and I haven't gotten super into his album, but at the same time I've been listening to it for ages and haven't yet gotten sick of it? Which is definitely saying something. His vocals are very smooth and his music style is pretty chill, but a lot of his songs have strong beats and a bit of depth to them! Very easy to just pop on in the background but still jive to haha.

Middle Kids Lost Friends
I am soooo into this album! I've been listening to it for ages as well and haven't gotten sick of it. I'm even still into their singles which have been out for ages! Their genre is alternative/indie/rock and I feel like they have a really good balance of more upbeat 'rocky' songs and more chill balad-y type songs. As always me trying to explain stuff is...not great. Anyway, I highly recommend giving them a listen - I just love their stuff!

Hatchie Sugar & Spice
Aaaaah Hatchie's music just makes me feel some type o' way! It just has such a dreamy indie-pop sound like it just makes you feel happy and whimsical. For lack of a better word - her music really is sugary as her EP title suggests. Thoroughly enjoy - and she's from Brisbane too! She went to my uni - wish I could spontaneously run into her haha.

Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes
Never in my life did I think I'd ever become a Shawn Mendes fan, but here we are. I can't explain it! It's like a wave that just came over me! I've only ever heard his singles (which I generally thought were typically pop and overplayed on the radio lmao), but I really liked In My Blood and decided I would give his new album a listen. I really like it! Plus I then went down a Youtube rabbit hole (#LateLateShawn was very funny let's be honest) and now I'm kind of...into him? He's cute and funny hahahahah. Anyway, I do like his new album! I mean it ain't my favourite ever but there are some bangers! It's not too typically pop either and definitely has some other genres mixed in that I enjoy!

DMA's For Now
I feel like DMA's give off a very similar vibe to Middle Kids. Very much an indie/alternative rock bank with a good mix of upbeat and slow (chill) songs. So like, chill rock? If that's a thing? His voice is very unique and husky too (and super Aussie hahaa) which I quite like! There's not much more to say other than that I'm really into this album!

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