Empties #17

It's empties time again! I'm a wee bit overdue this time around so I have a lot to talk about! It feels good to be finishing up products. I also did a wardrobe AND makeup declutter this past week so I'm feeling extra good about myself haha! I got rid of a tonne of makeup that I just wasn't using (or was super old) and my collection is a lot more streamlined. That being said, I still have a huge collection and way more than I actually need... haha. :P Anyway, let's dive into products I've actually finished!

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil
I've been using this hair oil for the longest time...I wanna say years. Anyway - I've finally finished it! It was a good hair oil, but then again I don't notice a huge difference between hair oils (for me anyway). As long as it moisturises my ends and keeps my hair smooth and soft, we good. I will say it was on the thicker side!
Repurchase? Probs not 

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
I love this stuff! It's my favourite dry shampoo that I've tried thus far. It actually works to soak up excess oil, gives a bit of oomph and volume to the hair, but is lightweight, doesn't smell or feel funky and doesn't leave a white cast in my hair! I've repurchased the version with a tint in it so we'll see how that goes...
Repurchase? Definitely in the future - we'll see if I like the original or tint better. Also want to try the one for oily hair...

Dr Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap in Citrus Orange
I bought this a while back as it was on sale (this scent wouldn't be my first choice...) but I used it to clean my brushes. It did the job well and it's a more gentle (yet still effective) alternative to the Daiso soap which I'm back to using now. It's good for natural haired brushes, but I'll admit it wasn't strong enough to really get foundation out of my super dense brushes.
Repurchase? Probably not, Daiso one is just a lot more effective. Price wise it's actually sort of even since the Daiso bottles are a lot tinier!

I had the Christingle scent which I mentioned in my last empties and I wasn't the hugest fan of that scent. Ro's on the other hand I much prefer! As mentioned, it's a really effective body conditioner as it definitely moisturises the skin even if you don't leave it on for long. I love this scent - it's the same as Rose Jam shower gel, deliciously rosy with a hint of citrus. 

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Butter
I've had this WAY too long! It was from their holiday collection and I finally used it up. TBS's body butters are a classic - well moisturising, lovely scents and feel thick and luxurious. They're lovely in the winter time!
Repurchase? I don't tend to actually buy them as I get them as gifts every now and again haha! 

Daiso Cotton Puffs
Quick mention to the Daiso cotton pads! These are the only ones I use - they're the best and I will forever repurchase. Don't think I've mentioned them before so I want to give them a well deserved shoutout!

La Roche-Posay Serozinc
To be honest I'm still not sure if this really truly does anything but the one time I stopped using it my skin got worse so I'm just going to keep using it. I use it as my nighttime toner most days and it does the job!
Repurchase? Already have and just got a backup in the recent Priceline sale!

Antipodes Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser*
I really liked this cleanser in the morning! It was lightweight, refreshing and felt like it cleansed my skin without drying it out. Not sure about the brightening properties but I feel like my skin liked it!
Repurchase? Possibly in the future!

I loooved this cleanser! The texture and smell took some getting used to but it's a lovely cleanser. The texture is like a slimey cream that doesn't lather. It's weird but not drying at all and even though it's only on my face for a short amount of time, I feel like the glycolic did something (while being very gentle)!
Repurchase? Sure would!

I absolutely loved this stuff! It's a unique exfoliator facial type product that was gentle but really sloughed away dead skin. I've spoken about it a couple of times already - but you can actually see and feel the dead skin pilling up and off! Pretty gross but great at the same time. Left my skin suuuper smooth and de-flaked.
Repurchase? We'll see how my skin fares without it but I would in the future!

Wotnot Facial Wipes for Dry/Sensitive Skin
I actually...did not like these very much? The actual wipe was very good - felt thick and soft and they were decently moist, but despite being for sensitive skin these stung my eyes! Everywhere else they were great, removed makeup well and left my skin refreshed and not dried out, but yeah...not great on the eye area!
Repurchase? No thanks

LuLuLun Moisture Balance (Pink) Sheet Masks
I really enjoyed these! I think they're meant to be used every night but ain't nobody got time for that haha. Sheet masks are a bit of an effort for me and I'm lucky if I used one once a month! These were good basic ones though that gave me an extra boost of moisture and softness. My friend gifted me the white ones which are supposed to be brightening so I'm excited to use those!
Repurchase? While I like these, I think if I'm going to the effort of using a sheet mask I'd want something a bit more intensely moisturising.

A fave forever
Repurchase? Two backups in the stash ;)

Benzac AC 5% Acne Gel
My second tube of the stuff. I really like it - there's not a ton of spot treatments that work for me but I'm convinced this one still makes a difference to both cystic acne and whiteheads. My skin doesn't seem to be immune to it yet...
Repurchase? Already have and would continue to!

The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%
Looooooooove. Don't think I can go back to a routine without a retinol!! It makes such a difference in smoothing my skin texture and helping fade hyperpigmentation.
Repurchase? Onto my second bottle and will repurchase (provided Deciem stops being so problematic...)

I was sad to see this go - I think it's still my favourite lip balm. It's by far the most intensive and effective lip balms in repairing and moisturising dry lips. A winter must have!
Repurchase? I'm currently using the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask which just isn't as good so far, so once I finish that I'll be back on Bite!

My favourite sunscreen for wearing under makeup and it's so hard to get a hold of! It really works more like a primer as it is mattifying and helps control my oil. 
Repurchase? If I can get it, I will buy it!

Okay okay so it's not completely finished but I got sick of trying to use up the corners! Look at that pan! And let's ignore the highlighter because I really didn't like the colour haha. The bronzer on the other hand was a great formula and colour. Would recommend!
Repurchase? Probably not just because the highlighter would go to waste again, but it's a great product!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger
I finally finished it! I thought I had a few months ago, but I took out the stopper and got SO MUCH MORE product out. I remember when this was all the rage, and even I used to LOVE it, and it is a really great formula but I'm kind of over it? Firstly the colour ended up being too dark for me (I mixed it with my Maybelline one), and the formula ended up being too thick and dry looking on my skin. I much prefer my Laura Mercier concealer for blemishes and Maybelline Fit Me Colourpop No Filter for under the eyes.
Repurchase? Served me well but no. Would be curious to try the Soft Matte concealer though.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil
I loved this and I really want to repurchase it but it's sold out in every priceline I go to. Why must you make it so hard?!?! I just want a brow pencil in my life!!! Anyway, it's a great formula, good dry/hardness and pigmentation that gives you precise strokes but a very natural looking effect that you can build up.
Repurchase? IF THEY'LL LET ME.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T  >>
*Products gifted for consideration

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