Baby Bites

Bite Beauty is a brand of lipstick that I've wanted to try for ages! Made from food grade ingredients, their lip products are pretty much good enough to eat! Makes sense really, since they are going on your lips and where else does you lipstick go other than into your mouth? I managed to snag this little travel kit from Natural Supply Co which contains a few mini sized products; the Lip Shine in Sante and two Luminous Creme Lipsticks in Fig and Pepper

L-R: Sante, Pepper, Fig

L-R: Fig, Pepper

Their packaging is pretty minimalist, which I enjoy, featuring a grey rubbery matte texture, that doesn't get grubby too easily. The mini sizes are very practical, and uber tiny, BUT I do have an issue with them. Because the lipsticks are of such a creamy and delicate texture, the tiny and skinny bullet can very easily snap in half! This so happened to my tube of Fig but I had read a few reviews of these minis and noticed others also had breakages. I wasn't being rough at all, and the bullet wasn't even wound all the way up. Very unfortunate because I now have to use a lip brush with it, and can't take it anywhere which sort of defeats the purpose of it being mini! Enough ranting though, since I'm sure this isn't an issue with the full sized lipsticks!

*sheds tear*

Lip Shine in Sante
I didn't have overly high expectations for this lip gloss (I was really after the lipsticks!) but I can't say no to trying a lip gloss - unless of course it's sticky, in which case, ain't nobody got time for that. Luckily, this lip gloss isn't very sticky, but it does have a slight tackiness, but nothing that bothers me. Something that does slightly bother me is the scent. I don't believe these are actively fragranced, so it's just the ingredients' natural scent. It's so hard to pinpoint - almost cherry but slightly plastic-y but not artificial? I'm just not a fan, but it's not overly offensive and doesn't linger too long. There's really nothing remarkable about this lip gloss. It gives a shine, lasts averagely and isn't drying, nor is it moisturising. It's also not particularly pigmented (at least not this shade), so Sante is basically clear, only adding a slight peachy nude shine to the lips. Not my favourite gloss, but I do like it!

Luminous Creme Lipsticks
This lipstick has to be one of the most raved about formulas as of late, it really did sound perfect, so saying I had high expectations would be an understatement. I'm not going to lie, but they didn't quite meet them. No fault on their part, but rather on my expectations (that always seems to be the way isn't it!). These lipsticks certainly are one of the most comfortable textures; the are super smooth and creamy, and even a little moisturising. I've heard from many that these are super pigmented, but that wasn't the case for me, I found they had medium opacity but are definitely buildable - I think it may just be because I have more muted shades. They're not balmy in consistency and have almost a satin finish that just looks really natural. Melding so well on the lips, they almost look undetectable! They're really easy to apply (when the bullet isn't snapped in half) but of course, with a formula like this, the wear time isn't amazing. They last between 2 - 4 hours depending on whether I'm eating or drinking. They're super easy to reapply though!

Fig is a soft, neutral pink that is extremely wearable and like a soft blush of pink on the lips. Pepper is very much a my lips but better shade for me. The slight browny-mauve tones almost give it that "Kylie Jenner" lip sitch, but is basically just a wearable, nudey-neutral shade. Combined with the formulation, these shades in particular are pretty damn perfect for everyday wear.

So I wasn't completely blown away by these, but I must say they are amazing lip products. I definitely want to try more (bolder) shades from the lipstick line, as well as their lip creams and crayons which look amazing! I really enjoy having this set, and definitely think it's perfect for trying out a few products from the brand.

Have you tried anything from Bite Beauty?

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